For some families life insurance can be the difference between a future of facing financial hardship and a protective safety net when adversity strikes. But while new research from the Institute of Inertia reveals that 3.6 million families across the UK could be put at financial risk due to a failure to take out life insurance, the findings showed that your chances of having life cover differ depending on where in the UK you live.

Digging deeper, our study of over 2,000 parents revealed key regional differences across the country when it comes to the number of families with life insurance – and the findings aren’t necessarily what you would expect. So how does your region fare?

As you’ll see, parents living in London were the least likely to have life insurance, with less than a third of you in the capital choosing to purchase cover.

In contrast, over four in ten (42%) of the Scottish parents polled stated that they had taken out life insurance for their families.

Elsewhere, one in four (27%) of you living in the Midlands stated that you couldn’t see the benefits of life insurance, despite the fact that one in ten (10%) admitted family members would need to find an additional source of income if they passed away. A further 36% stated that they didn’t know what life insurance means, making it even less likely that they’d discussed the pros and cons for their family.

Worryingly, these findings follow on from previous research by the Institute of Inertia which found that a failure to have life insurance could mean that 4.64 million parents in the UK may need to rely on additional government benefits should something happen to the main earner in the home (insert link).

Commenting on the findings, Jody Baker, Head of Life Insurance at, said that “it’s hardly surprising that most of us try to avoid thinking about death. However, a failure to consider and discuss the consequences should the worst happen can leave those we love in serious financial difficulty.”

So is life insurance something that you should be discussing with your friends and family? For more insight into the psychology behind taking out life insurance, plus one man’s story of his experiences with loss and life insurance, click here.