At the start of the month I was challenged by the Institute of Inertia, in partnership with Compare the Market, to set myself intentions as part of the #SpringForward Blogger Challenge.

With a view to focusing on Self Care, I thought about small changes I could make which would have a lasting, positive impact on my life this Spring. These could be summarised into three main points:

1. Bedtime routine - laptop off at 9.30pm and no mobile phone in the bedroom

2. 50k steps a week minimum 

3. Keep a food diary 

So now that we're almost half way through April (seriously!) it's time to share with you a little update on my progress.  Have I stuck to my intentions or given them up without a second thought? 

So first off - the bedtime routine . . . this one was always going to be a hard one.  As someone who works from home, it's all too easy to spend all evening, every evening on my laptop - there's always something else to write, someone else to email.  I've set an alarm on my Fitbit that goes off at 9.30pm to signal that it's time to turn my laptop off.  I'm not for one second going to tell you I've been able to stick to this religiously however it has definitely made me much more aware and the 9.30pm alarm is the time I start to finish up and log off.  I've also completely failed to ban my mobile from the bedroom - the main reason for this being that I rely on my phone as an alarm clock so I need to make a replacement purchase there. (Promise I'm going to get that done this week!)  

The second goal was to hit a 50k step goal with the help of my Fitbit. I must admit that the school holidays was never going to be a good time to start this one - the school run three times a day forms a substantial chunk of my step count so I did a total of 44k steps last week.  Not good enough at all!  This week we're back at school and I've made a good start so hopefully I'll be able to see my 50k target over the next few weeks! 

The big success of the month so far has been the food diary.  My head is in the game, I've stuck to writing it all down, to being honest and sensible about my food choices and as such I've been rewarded with a 5lb weight loss this week.  I feel so much better for it already.  Not the weight loss itself as that's not all that noticeable, more just the fact I've regained control and I feel much brighter for not eating loads of rubbish all the time.  Fingers crossed I can keep this one going and report back on further weight loss at the end of the month. 

And finally, I talked about doing things which make me smile. This last week I've treated myself to some new skin care goodies with some birthday money and I'm taking the time use them properly.  My skin feels much better for it and that in turn is making me feel nicer and therefore wanting to do it more.  What's the opposite of a vicious circle? 

So how do things look for the rest of the month? I'm happy with the intentions I've set and with the progress I've made so far.  These weren't instant life changing, do it all at once plans.  More a slow and steady wins the race.  My top priority is to get an alarm clock so I can instigate the mobile phone ban!  

Have you made any changes this April?  

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