Making Positive Changes this Spring

Like many people I made resolutions at the start of the year. As well as our annual Bucket List of activities and things to tick off I always have a mental list of things I would like to achieve through the year - things I would like to change. This usually involves eating better, exercising more, losing weight, saving money and all of those traditional resolutions.

Like many people though, I find that January is just so tough with bad weather and not much to look forward to. Then with February comes even worse weather and school holidays - where we always do things fun and dieting goes out of the window. Next we have Easter and you can see how the good intentions get pushed to the side. It seems like our good intentions and resolutions are doomed from the start and Dr Thomas Webb, social psychologist and Chair of the Institute of Inertia seems to agree by saying:

“In January people have a tendency to jump on the ‘new year, new you’ bandwagon. Many of us follow the crowd and get swept up in the enthusiasm around making New Year’s resolutions. However, often the goals that we set are unrealistic, are not supported by a clear plan of action or an understanding of the task at hand – in short, it’s a recipe for failure.”

But spring is the perfect time to take back control of these resolutions and the Institute of Inertia in partnership with, have challenged myself and three other bloggers to set a goal for April. Spring is the start of new beginnings and the brighter mornings, longer days and generally fresher outlook is the perfect time to make changes that can make a difference to your life.

This spring I am going to be focusing on one goal that I have constantly let slip - exercise. I started to run a couple of years ago but would do it for a few weeks and lose motivation. It's something I had never done prior to that - somehow getting to the age of thirty without exercising at all but I know that regular exercise has such a great impact on all aspects of my life - I feel better for it, I lose weight naturally as I exercise and it also helps me make better choices with the foods I eat and my whole daily routine.

So this April I am getting back into running. I am giving myself the goal of going running three times a week to really get running back into my day to day routine. I have to fit running around my husband's shifts but over the winter months I have the added excuse of the bad weather - and it getting dark earlier. But now, with so much sunlight there really isn't any excuse. I am going to run and it is going to be a month of making running a permanent part of my life.

Over the course of the next month I'll be documenting my progress - you'll see me sharing updates here. So, will I stick to my new running routine? I hope so! Follow me on my journey this spring and see how I do. If you fancy it you could make a goal yourself too - let me know how you get on.

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