An Update on my Positive Changes for Spring #SpringForward 


At the start of April I was challenged by the Institute of Inertia, in partnership with to revisit my resolutions for the year and to make a lifestyle change this spring.

Spring is a great time to set new goals, make changes and refresh all those resolutions you made at the start of the year. The days are longer and brighter, there are flowers everywhere and it is just such a great time to not only have a spring clean but to make some changes that can stay with you for a lifetime.

For this challenge I set myself the goal of running three times a week. Running is something I have done on and off for a couple of years but I had never got myself into a set routine and running didn't even feature on the agenda through the winter months. So with more hours of daylight, nicer weather and a nudge in the right direction from The Institute of Inertia I set myself this goal to make routine a really constant part of my day to day lifestyle.

I’m half way through the challenge and I am doing well. I have been running as much as I said I would and have added other exercise into the equation too - even doing a 30 Day Abs Challenge with a friend. Spring is my time to get into good habits as far as exercise is concerned. It's my time to get into a routine and get generally healthier, something I can then persevere with not just through the spring and summer but indefinitely.

I'm enjoying getting outside, getting fresh air and having a chance to listen to music too. I may only get out for half an hour three times a week but it's amazing how good I feel afterwards. It's a great way to clear my head and I really am enjoying it.

So the challenge so far is going really well. I feel generally fitter, healthier and am definitely motivate to continue. I'm looking forward to not just seeing through this challenge but seeing running as a permanent aspect of my life.

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