How do I become a member of MEERKAT MOVIES?

To become a MEERKAT MOVIES member simply purchase a qualifying product through to get 12 months of 2 for 1 tickets from date of purchase. Visit to activate your MEERKAT MOVIES membership and log in using your account details. 

What products qualify for the 2 for 1 cinema tickets?

To qualify for MEERKAT MOVIES membership, you need to purchase one of the following products via car, motorcycle, home, van, pet, landlord, life, home/content or travel insurance. You can also qualify by taking out a credit card or loan or switch energy, digital TV or broadband supplier.

What if I buy multiple products through

If you make a 2nd, 3rd or more qualifying purchase while you currently have an active MEERKAT MOVIES membership you will not be eligible for an additional 12 months MEERKAT MOVIES membership. If you have made more than one qualifying purchase, you may be eligible for a Meerkat Toy reward. Please refer to the Meerkat Toy terms and conditions for a full list of the Meerkat Toy qualifying products. 

How can I get my 2 for 1 cinema tickets?

1) To become a member just make qualifying purchase through
2) Download the MEERKAT MOVIES app or visit to activate your membership and claim your voucher code
3)You have one voucher code to use every Tuesday or Wednesday at any participating cinema
4) Present your 2 for 1 voucher code to the cashier and enjoy the film

What does my 2 for 1 cinema ticket entitle me to?

Simply put, you pay for 1 ticket and get 2! You will get the cheaper ticket free, and the offer only applies to standard screenings, excluding private screenings. If you fancy an IMAX screening, premium seats or a 3D viewing, you will have to pay the difference. Each cinema will also have its own Terms and Conditions which apply as usual. 

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

Don't worry, you can also claim your voucher code via Simply log in to Your Account to receive your voucher code and print the page or hand write your code to take with you.

How do I use my voucher code?

You just need to present the cashier with your 2 for 1 voucher code - the easiest way to do this is via the MEERKAT MOVIES app. You may also be able to use your voucher code when booking on a ticket machine but be sure to check with your chosen cinema.

When can I use my 2 for 1 voucher code?

You can use your voucher code on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Voucher codes will expire at 00:01 every Thursday and you can apply for the next week's voucher code from Thursday onwards.

Can I go on both Tuesday and Wednesday?

Your membership will give you one voucher code a week which can only be used once, either on a Tuesday or Wednesday. A new voucher code can be claimed from Thursday onwards for the following week. 

How long does my MEERKAT MOVIES membership last?

Your MEERKAT MOVIES membership will run for 12 months from the date you purchase a qualifying product. You need to log in to your account to start receiving your voucher codes - the sooner you do it, the sooner you can start using your 2 for 1 cinema tickets. 

Why have I been given less than 12 months membership of MEERKAT MOVIES? 

To celebrate the launch of MEERKAT MOVIES we are giving existing customers who bought qualifying products with us MEERKAT MOVIES membership. For these existing customers, MEERKAT MOVIES membership lasts until the first anniversary from the date of your qualifying purchase. For example, if you bought in November 2014, you would have 7 months left.  You can check when your membership expires on the MEERKAT MOVIES app or by logging into your account. 

Why can't I get a membership?

If you've purchased a qualifying product through and chosen MEERKAT MOVIES as your reward then you will be able to activate your membership. If you have any problems activating your membership then please contact our Customer Service team here

Why can't I activate my membership when I have made my Qualifying Purchase?

Sometimes it can take up to 48 hours for your MEERKAT MOVIES membership to be activated. If you cannot access your membership straight away, please wait  and try again. If you still find you are having issues, please contact our Customer Services team who will be able to help. 

How many times can the voucher code be used?/Do I receive one voucher code for use throughout the whole year or a different voucher code each time I redeem?

You'll get one voucher code per week which can only be used once on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Whether you use your voucher code or not, you'll need to claim a new voucher code every week. 

How long is my voucher code valid for?

You can claim a voucher code from a Thursday for use on the following Tuesday or Wednesday. Voucher codes can only be used once and will expire at 00:00:59 every Thursday so remember to get a new one every week.

Why isn't my voucher code working?/Why is my membership not working?

Your voucher code is unique to you and changes every week. If your code doesn’t work be sure to check the following:
1) Your code isn't valid for this week - refresh the app to get your latest code
2) Your code might have been used that day - This could happen if you have used your code for an earlier showing or used it to book online
3) Check you have enough membership left - You can do this via the app or by logging onto 
4) If you are still having problems with your code contact our Customer Service team here

Is there a cash alternative to my 2 for 1 ticket voucher code?

Voucher codes have no monetary value and can't be swapped for cash.

Which cinemas participate in the 2 for 1 offer?

All  major cinema chains are participating in the offer. If you want to check if your local cinema is taking part, use our handy 'locate a participating cinema'  in the MEERKAT MOVIES app or alternatively check with your local cinema.

Do both of us need to watch the same film?

Yes, both cinema tickets need to be for the same film and showing.

Do I get priority?

Sorry, you don't get priority for using the 2 for 1 offer. The cinema's standard terms and conditions of purchase, sale and entry still apply.

Can I share my 2 for 1 cinema tickets voucher code with others?

No, this offer's exclusive to you as a customer.

What happens if I cancel my policy?

If you cancel your policy or are unable to verify your qualifying purchase or switch, we reserve the right to revoke your MEERKAT MOVIES membership. We will of course let you know about this, a month in advance of it being revoked.  

What if I do not want 2 for 1 cinema tickets?/Are the 2 for 1 cinema tickets replacing toys?

Don't worry, our Meerkat toys aren’t waving goodbye! You can choose to either become a member of MEERKAT MOVIES or claim a toy, subject to the Meerkat Toy qualifying purchases.

Can I get a toy and MEERKAT MOVIES?

You'll have to choose between a MEERKAT MOVIES membership or a toy when you purchase, but buy more than one qualifying product through and you can get both! Please check qualifying purchases for both MEERKAT MOVIES and Toys.

Will I be notified when my membership to MEERKAT MOVIES expires?

When you're nearing the end of your membership, we'll send you an email reminding you that your membership is due to expire. To claim MEERKAT MOVIES membership again, just purchase a qualifying  product through

Do I automatically get MEERKAT MOVIES when I renew my purchase?

No, if you originally purchased a qualifying product through and claimed MEERKAT MOVIES, you will need to purchase a qualifying product again through to be eligible for MEERKAT MOVIES. 

If I purchase a new qualifying product, does my MEERKAT MOVIES membership automatically renew?

No, you will need to activate a new MEERKAT MOVIES membership, by entering your new policy number after you purchase a new qualifying purchase. Remember you can only have one MEERKAT MOVIES membership in any twelve month period.

What if I can’t log in to the App?

Your log-in details for the MEERKAT MOVIES app are the same as your account - double check that you're using the same details.

What if I’ve forgotten my password?

No worries, just click the ‘forgotten your password’ button to get a new password. This will then be emailed to the registered email address of your account.

Can I book cinema tickets online?

You can  use your 2 for 1 voucher code to book online if your chosen cinema allows. Be sure to check with your chosen cinema as not all participating cinemas offer online booking.


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