MEERKAT MOVIES terms and conditions

When you purchase your first Qualifying Product (as defined below) you can claim a MEERKAT MOVIES Membership entitling you to 2 for 1 cinema tickets for a whole year from the date you click through to make your Qualifying Purchase (see below MEERKAT MOVIES duration). You can activate your MEERKAT MOVIES Membership by logging into Your account.

1. MEERKAT MOVIES Membership

1.1 MEERKAT MOVIES Membership Qualifying Products 

Only when you;

- Purchase: Car insurance, Motorcycle insurance, Van insurance, Contents and/or Buildings insurance, Pet insurance, Life insurance, Landlord insurance or Travel insurance;

- Switch: Domestic Energy (gas and/or electric), Broadband, Home telephone or Digital TV;

- Obtain: a Credit card or Loan, Mobile phone;

through will be considered a Qualifying Product where you will be eligible to activate your MEERKAT MOVIES Membership through Your Account (see above)


Customers who purchase any of the following Non-Qualifying Products through will not be entitled to claim a MEERKAT MOVIES Membership. 


Business insurance, Breakdown cover, Business energy, Mortgages, Savings accounts, Current accounts, Health insurance and Income protection insurance, or SIM only contract.

One Qualifying Purchase

Joint policies, combined purchases or switching (for example: joint life insurance, credit cards, buildings and contents or dual gas and electric tariffs) shall count as one Qualifying Purchase / Product and only entitled to one reward.

1.3 MEERKAT MOVIES Membership duration

Your MEERKAT MOVIES Membership is valid for 12 months from the date you click-through from the website to the product provider and make your Qualifying Purchase. 

PLEASE NOTE: this is not from the date your MEERKAT MOVIES Membership is activated by claiming your Reward through Your account.

Only one MEERKAT MOVIES Membership can be activated against Your account at any one time. In order to renew your MEERKAT MOVIES Membership, you must make a new Qualifying Purchase through

1.4 How to get your MEERKAT MOVIES Membership Code 

To acquire your MEERKAT MOVIES code you, download the MEERKAT MOVIES App to your mobile device or tablet, or visit Your account via


Your MEERKAT MOVIES code shall automatically expire on completion of your transaction or, if not used, at 00:00:59 (59 seconds) on the Thursday after it is issued. MEERKAT MOVIES codes cannot be used once they have expired.

Data charges may apply to your use of the MEERKAT MOVIES App. Please contact your mobile phone service provider for more information. will not accept any responsibility for any cost incurred in using the MEERKAT MOVIES App.

1.5 How to use your MEERKAT MOVIES Membership code

Once you have claimed your MEERKAT MOVIES code, presented it to the cashier at the point of purchase and it has been validated, you will receive the cheapest cinema ticket at no cost when you purchase more than one cinema ticket for the same screening. 


Your MEERKAT MOVIES code applies to all standard cinema screenings publically available at participating cinemas. The free cinema ticket will be issued for the same film and screening as the paid cinema ticket. In the case of Northern Ireland, your MEERKAT MOVIES code will only apply to a standard full priced ticket and not the discounted price available on Tuesdays. 

The individual participating cinema’s terms and conditions of sale, purchase and admission/entry apply. Ticket prices may be subject to change at any time, without notice. 

You will not be able to use your MEERKAT MOVIES code for pre-ordered cinema tickets, unless the individual participating cinema advises differently. Please see participating cinemas website for more information.

MEERKAT MOVIES codes CANNOT be used for premieres, previews (and other pre-release screenings that are not directly on sale to the general public), school bookings, corporate or private hires, third party bulk ticket purchases, private screenings, event cinema, live broadcasts and as live broadcasts.  Your MEERKAT MOVIES code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, such as discounted tickets, unless advised otherwise. There are no cash alternatives and the MEERKAT MOVIES codes have no cash value.  We cannot provide you with a cash equivalent refund.

PLEASE NOTE: Participating cinemas may charge an additional fee for premium screenings, premium seating and/or for 3D glasses. This additional fee may be payable on both the paid and the ‘free’ ticket. Examples of premium screening and seats include, but are not limited to: IMAX, 3D, D-BOX, 4DX, Impact, Superscreen, Extreme Screen, XPlus, Luxe, VIP seats, premium seats and gold class. Please contact your local participating cinema for details. 

1.6 Revocation of MEERKAT MOVIES Membership

If are unable to verify your Qualifying Purchase we reserve the right to revoke your MEERKAT MOVIES Membership. You will be informed of this in advance and given 30 days to supply additional verification information. If you do not provide us with the information requested and we are unable to verify your Qualifying Purchase, we will revoke your MEERKAT MOVIES Membership.

Furthermore, reserve the right to revoke your MEERKAT MOVIES Membership if you:

- Breach or attempt to breach any of these terms and conditions (including not making a Qualifying Purchase);

- Sell or distribute your MEERKAT MOVIES code to third parties (including but not limited to sale via auction sites);

-Transfer, sell, lend or gift to a third party. MEERKAT MOVIES codes are non-transferable and are for your personal use only

- Abuse or attempt to abuse the MEERKAT MOVIES Membership (such as abusing code redemption); or

Undertake activity which, in our sole opinion, constitutes misuse or abuse of the website, MEERKAT MOVIES App or Your account;

2. General accept no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities or disappointment incurred or suffered by you or anybody else in connection with the rewards. These terms and conditions shall only apply between you and us. Unless otherwise stated, no other person may benefit from or rely upon these terms and conditions. shall not be liable for any failure to comply with our obligations where the failure is caused by something beyond our reasonable control.

All rewards are subject to availability and reserve the right to substitute or remove any rewards at any time. shall provide you with as much notice as reasonably possible. Any amendment shall be published on In the event an advertised promotion subsequently becomes unavailable, we will provide an alternative at our discretion. There are no cash alternatives.

We reserve the right to change, add or remove any product currently defined as a Qualifying Product. Any amendments to the current definition of Qualifying Product will be published on reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any point without notice. Any amendments will be published on rely on the accuracy of the information provided by the third party providers of your Qualifying Purchase via to verify your entitlement to rewards. We accept no responsibility for any delay, failure, or error by a third party provider in notifying us that a Qualifying Purchase has taken place.

Third party providers will be unable to assist you with any enquiries on the rewards; therefore, in the event you have any queries or disputes please contact us directly on

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall affect your statutory rights.

3. Data and Privacy

Your account personal information will be used in order to administer your rewards.

In respect of a meerkat toy claim your personal information may be passed on to third parties in order to fulfil our obligations.

You acknowledge that by accepting the reward we will send you updates and information in relation to the reward.

A full description of how your data will be used is set out in our Privacy Policy. By submitting personal information to, you consent to the processing of your personal information by us and our agents in accordance with the Privacy Policy found on our website.

Last updated: 19th December 2017