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Personal Accident Insurance

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Personal injury Insurance

Have you ever wondered if you need personal injury insurance? Maybe you’re not sure what it is, how it can help, or whether it will be beneficial to your circumstances. Fortunately, we’ve written this guide to help clear up some of the confusion that surrounds personal accident cover – after reading this, you should know everything that you need to make an informed decision!


What is personal accident cover?

Accidents happen. They are a part of life. Personal accident cover is designed to protect you from serious and unexpected injury. Some policies even cover you in the event that an accident or injury leads to your death. Personal injury and accident policies differ from health, medical, and life insurance. Personal injury insurance can cover you for all manner of unfortunate events, including any:

- Workplace accident or injury

- Injury caused by violence

- Injury caused by a road traffic accident

- Injury caused by a slip or spills

No two personal accident policies are the same. Each will have terms and conditions which state exactly what you are – and are not covered for. The primary reason for personal injury insurance is to protect employed and self-employed people from any loss of earnings that occur when an accident or injury prevents them from working.


Who needs personal accident insurance?

Personal injury insurance is generally available for anybody aged 18-69 in the UK. If you fall within that age range and are either employed or self-employed, then you may wish to consider taking out a policy to give you peace of mind should an accident or injury leave you unable to work.

Typically, the more dangerous your job, the more justifiable a potential accident or injury might be. Despite this, even the most sedentary roles can cause injury. Your home, your place of work, your vehicle. You can sustain an injury that prevents you from working from just about anywhere – and that is why everybody should at least consider their options regarding personal injury insurance. 

What does personal accident insurance cover?

In simple terms, a personal injury policy will cover a few specific things as standard:

- Death

- Permanent total disablement

- Loss of (or loss of use of) body parts

Some policies will also offer cover surplus to this basic cover. Permanent partial disablement, temporary total disablement and more minor injuries may well fall under the terms of your accident insurance if you select the right policy.

Whichever policy you opt for, it’s important to remember one thing: this type of insurance only protects against accidental death or injury. Issues caused by sickness or self-harm will not be covered, and will generally fall under health and medical insurance policies.

The actual level of cover offered will vary dependant on your insurance provider and the policy which you decide to take out. There are a vast number of products available, so it’s important to decide on the right policy for your needs. Many insurance providers offer different levels of personal accident and injury insurance, so deciding which level of insurance you need is also something that you must do.

Regardless of which level you opt for, the benefit paid will be dependent on the severity of your injury. Of course, you would have to look over the figures offered by your insurance provider to get the exact facts and figures – every provider is different!

How to find the best personal accident insurance policy

You can search and compare a wide range of personal accident insurance providers and policies with our powerful comparison service. Tell us a bit about you and what level of cover you think you’ll need. We’ll do all the leg work for you and search a range of the UK’s most popular providers. All you need to do is sit work out which level of cover is right for you. So get comparing and see how much you could save!