The Ageing Population

Across the world, ageing populations and other social and economic factors mean people working into their later years. But are they being rewarded for it? In which countries are the high rates of employment among older generations reflected in their pensions and disposable income? 

Older generation employers

We studied labour participation rates in countries across the world and broke them down by age group. From this we can see the number of people aged 65+ in work, and what proportion of the population this is. ‘Labour force participation’ refers to those currently working or seeking employment.

Pension vs GDP

Different nations plan for later life in a variety of ways. We’ve taken a look at the overall investment into pensions as a percentage of countries’ GDP to see where in the world pensions matter most.

Disposable income around the world

Older people may get their income from pensions or employment, both full or part time. But the income of older generations is almost always lower than the country average. The figures below show the amount of disposable income for the 65+ age group as both a proportion of the national average and a monetary figure.

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Sources and Methodology

Data from this piece has been taken from Statista, CIA and OECD sources and was correct as of December 2019.