What are your life goals and when do you want to achieve them?

Aiming to settle down at 23? Own your first home at 26? Or buy your first car before you turn 21? These are some of the key milestones that Brits expected to have achieved at these ages – but were you right when it came to reality? We surveyed the nation and found that, actually, you’re impressively accurate.


Great Expectations

It seems that you really are an ambitious bunch. In fact, our research revealed that – on average – Brits aim to own their first car at 21 years old, settle down at 23, and get onto the property ladder at 27. Broody could be an apt descriptor too, with our insights finding that many of you expect to become parents by the age of 27.

Looking to matters of the heart, it seems that your expectations really weren’t far off the mark. In fact, not only do you tend to tie the knot by the age of 26, but most first-time parents also welcomed their first child by the age of 27.

Likewise with aspirations around home ownership - most of you expected to own your first property by the age of 27 and achieved just that.

Unexpected spenders

When it comes to matters of the purse however, many of you were surprisingly less accurate with your estimations, with the majority earning less and spending more than you expected…

In fact, many of you were worryingly off the mark when it came to the cost of everyday expenses. For example, while - on average - you expected to spend a total of just £950 a year to cover expenses relating to your car (i.e. petrol, MOT, car insurance, maintenance), you actually ended up spending over £1,500 a year.

Shakila Hashmi

Shakila Hashmi

Head of Money


‘’If our findings are anything to go by, the Great British public clearly wants to have it all by the time they hit 30 years old, and it appears most achieve it with things like meeting ‘the one’ or buying a home. However, when it comes to money, the findings are a little more concerning. Whether it’s because we aim too high, or simply underestimate the cost of big-ticket expenses, these findings highlight just how many of us are missing the targets we set for ourselves when it comes to money.”

“What’s worrying, for example, is that the majority are still off the mark when it comes to considering costs like running a car – especially in light of recent comments made by the Bank of England that consumers are becoming ‘dangerously complacent’ when it comes to mounting debt. There are numerous ways in which you should therefore aim to be as savvy as you can when it comes to keeping down everyday costs, like simply shopping around for the best deals.”

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