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Life Snapshot - Life Insurance Statistics

Life Snapshot - Life Insurance Statistics

Our quarterly Life Snapshot is designed to show you who’s taking out life insurance, what life stage they’re at and what level of cover they’re choosing. We want to help you to have a better understanding of the policy you may need for you and your family.

June - August 2019 Life Snapshot

Life insurance is about making sure the people you love most are well looked after should the worst happen. It could ensure your family keep the home they’ve grown up in or that your children go to university, even if you’re not around to help with the expense.

Our Life Snapshot for June-August 2019 helps you navigate the world of life insurance. We hope that, by seeing what people like you have already chosen through Compare the Market from June to August 2019, this could help you understand the cover you need, in terms of policy type, cover amount and length of policy. 

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Kamran Altaf

Head of Life Insurance
Compare the Market

“At a young age, it is easy to ignore life insurance, as it can seem irrelevant to one’s current financial circumstances. However, there are lifelong savings available to those willing to get ahead of the curve and take out a policy early. Life insurance can offer invaluable financial protection for your loved ones should disaster strike, so it is always worth taking out cover regardless of your current age and life stage.

“Those aged 25-34 can expect to pay a little over £15 a month for life insurance, while over-65s who only take out a policy when they need it can expect to pay almost double this amount. Early purchase of life insurance is also advised for home owners living in London and the South East, where high property prices are duly reflected in the cost of policies. For those yet to take out a mortgage, it is worth opting for a small cover amount that can cater to any credit card debt and in turn reduce the cost of your policy. The average monthly premium for a cover amount of £10,000 - £19,999 is currently only £7.95 – potentially saving you or your loved ones thousands in the long run.”

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If you want more information, why not contact the expert advisers at LifeSearch? They could help you figure out just what you need. You can talk to them on 0800 072 1147, Monday-Thursday 8am- 8pm; Friday 8am-7pm; Saturday 9am-2.30pm and Sunday, 10am-3.30pm.

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