How do you define life? Is it unpredictable, stressful or beautiful?

Whether you live in Birmingham, Glasgow or London, life is a roller-coaster. We all know too well the ups and downs that make up the journey of our lives: whether it’s our life ambitions and the risks we take, or our job choices and where we decide to live. However, these experiences contribute to our definition of life, and how we evaluate what makes us happy.

8,000 Brits across the UK have had their say and are in overwhelming agreement that life is unpredictable. Despite this unpredictability, most of you are happy and very family-orientated. However, when it comes to regrets, we all have a few, and the failure to follow our dreams and not letting ourselves be happy top the scale.

When looking at what you want to achieve in life in the future, it appears that finances take precedence. Being ‘financially secure’ topped the list of things that adults like you, across the nation, want to achieve in the next five years, followed by going travelling, and getting out of debt.

Take a look at our interactive regional map and see how the meaning of life differs across the UK. 

UK Regional Map

Dan Hutson

Dan Hutson

Head of Life Insurance

“In a time when ‘uncertainty’ remains a common theme in many people’s lives, it’s not surprising that descriptors highlighting the unpredictable nature of life have topped our poll. However, it’s heartening to hear that Brits feel their outlook on life has become more positive as they’ve grown older, and even more so to find that the health and prosperity of our families is the most important signifier of happiness today.

While it’s recognised that life is full of surprises, we’d strongly encourage the nation’s families to ensure that they’re protected against the unpredictable eventualities life can throw at us, ensuring a more positive and financially-secure future for them and their loved ones."

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