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Life insurance policies

Taking out a life insurance policy is a selfless way to help protect your family in the future. Should the worst happen to you, life insurance can offer peace of mind that at least your loved ones financial worries could be addressed and taken care of.

As for the cost of a life insurance policy, Jody Baker, our Head of Life Insurance, says “Life insurance is unique to every person - you’ll have different things to consider and your personal circumstances will dictate the cover you want and the price you pay. The most important thing is that you find the right level of cover at the right price for you.”

It’s actually quite simple, when insurance providers calculate these quotes, or premiums they will want to know all about you and your health. That way they can work out the likelihood of a claim being made within the term of the policy. Let's see exactly what they look at when calculating life quotes...

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Frequently Thought Questions

Life insurance can be a bit of a daunting subject and we know that it’s not nice to have to plan for a life that might not have you in it. However, it’s important to think about how your loved ones would manage if you’re gone. To help answer some of the questions about life insurance, we’ve put together these ‘frequently thought questions’.

Does life insurance cost more when you’re older?

Yes, our research suggests that the costs of life insurance rise the later in life you take out a policy. Unfortunately, it’s just a fact that the older you are, the more likely you are to pass away or potentially have an illness that needs to be taken into consideration. Therefore, for any insurance provider offering life insurance, the age of the policyholder is a very important risk factor.

How does gender affect the cost of my life insurance?

It doesn’t. Well not any more at least. Before 2012 insurance providers could charge you different amounts depending on your sex, but a European ruling has since put an end to insurance providers charging men and women different prices.

What other factors affect the price of life insurance policies?

Life insurance is a very personal product so naturally your personal circumstances will to have an effect on the price you pay for your policy.

Different insurance providers are likely to take different things into account when calculating your premium so there’s no definitive answer as to what factors will definitely influence how much your life insurance policy costs. Our site uses standard pricing based on you being in good health, but other services and providers may want to know more about you before they provide you with a price. Below are just some of the things they might want to take into account:

What if I don’t disclose something when I take out life insurance policy?

It's always best to be as accurate and honest as possible when applying for life insurance – providing incorrect information would invalidate your claim if you miss something important.

For example, say you said you were a non-smoker but later passed away of a smoking related illness they may refuse to pay out. Or if you partake in extreme sports or horse riding but haven’t declared this as a hobby in your application this might mean you’re not covered if you pass away as a result of an accident.

Providing an accurate picture of yourself will give you the cover you need. It would be awful to have thought you'd put protection in place for your family and then they find that the policy is invalid because you hadn’t provided the correct information.

How can I get a cheap life insurance policy?

The cheapest policy isn’t always going to give you the cover you might need, it’s important to weigh up price versus the level of cover the policy provides.

However, there are some things you could consider before you start comparing life insurance to get the best deal, let’s go into more detail:

How do I compare life insurance premiums?

Like most industries, life insurance is a competitive business. That’s why it makes sense to shop around to find the best policy for you. We’ve taken the hard work out of doing that. To find out how, use our life insurance comparison service, try it today and find the right policy for you and your family.