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TSB and Lloyds parted company in 2013 thanks to the EU’s intervention, but TSB is still a potent force on the high street and has a vast range of personal loans.


It has a huge high street presence, with 631 branches in the UK, and offers a range of small loans and much bigger secured loans. So if you want money for a holiday, home improvements or any other reason, then TSB should be able to help. 


TSB Loans

Of course you should do your homework too. Even if you like the look of TSB’s deals then you should check out what is on offer elsewhere. A long-term loan is a serious commitment and you should ensure that you have looked closely at the competition and weighed up TSB’s offer properly before you go ahead.

Our price comparison service is there to take the guesswork out of the equation and give you a clear view of the market-leading loans. So let us help you make the right choice. 

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How long do TSB loans take to process?

You can apply in person at your local branch or on the phone and if you’re an existing customer then you can apply online and they’ll usually give you a decision in minutes.

If you’re an existing TSB customer that has held an account for more than three months, then the funds will be transferred immediately upon acceptance. For people that have banked with TSB for less than three months, or don’t have a current account with them at all, it will take two working days for your funds to land after your loan has been approved.

What are the benefits of a TSB loan?

You can borrow anything from £1,000 to £20,000 and if you borrow more than £7,500 you get a representative APR of 3.9%. You can pay the loan back over one to seven years and you can take two flexible repayment holidays every year. You also get fixed monthly repayments, so you don’t need to worry about the Bank of England base rate.

TSB has some solid offers when it comes to long-term loans and the repayment holidays could make it an attractive choice. Before you agree to the loan though, you owe it to yourself to visit our price comparison service and weigh up what’s on offer. Personal loans are a fiercely competitive field and the goalposts move all the time. So don’t miss out on a great deal because you didn’t check.

What are the requirements for TSB loans?

In order to access a TSB loan, you must be a UK resident over the age of 18 years old.

If you’re an existing TSB customer who has held an account with the bank in excess of three months, you can apply for your loan online, via telephone or in branch. If you’re not already a customer, you’ll not be able to take advantage of the online application.

But don’t forget, you don’t want to be rushing off and missing out on a better deal. Make sure that you compare the opportunities available to you before committing yourself.

Is a TSB loan the right move for me?

Whilst we cannot essentially answer that question for everyone in a single statement, we would advise comparing the market to see if another provider can offer you better terms or a loan that better suits your circumstances.

This doesn’t take a lot of effort; you can compare leading providers on our site without any obligation to move forwards. Isn’t it worth knowing if you could get something better?

All TSB loan details are based on information provided on tsb.co.uk data on 15 April 2016

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