New research finds that just 8% of Brits believe men make better online “bargain hunters”
  • 42% believe women find better deals online
  • 7 in 10 people also think that women enjoy shopping more
  • One in 10 Brits “never research” price differences before buying a product

New research from has revealed that Brits think women are better at finding deals – with four in 10 (42%) believing they are better at finding deals online, compared to just 8% who backed men. However, it’s not just that more people believe women are better online bargain hunters  – the poll also revealed that seven in 10 (72%) believe women ‘enjoy shopping in general’ more than men too.

The study of over 2,000 adults also suggested that women spend more time “shopping around” for the best deals, both on the High Street and online. Over half of the women polled (52%) admitted to spending between 10 minutes to an hour looking for deals, compared to the 47% of men who commit to the same amount of time. Overall, nearly one in ten (9%) respondents admitted to spending over a day comparing prices before parting with their hard-earned cash.

Nevertheless, despite these findings men are the more confident sex when it comes to ranking their own shopping abilities – with 29% saying that they are “better than the average person” at finding deals, compared to less than a quarter (24%) of women.

Interestingly, the poll also revealed key differences in the items for which men and women ‘shop around’. More women had looked for deals on clothes (47%) than utilities (42%) or financial products (32%). For men, the opposite was true; more men had searched for utilities and financial products (47% and 41% respectively) than for clothes (36%).

But despite the findings showing that lots of Brits are “savvy shoppers” on the hunt for bargains, the research revealed that one in 10 (11%) people admit to ‘never’ shopping around for the best price before making a purchase.

Jody Coughlan, Head of Money at, said: “It’s an old stereotype that women enjoy shopping more than men, however our research has suggested that they’re better at finding online bargains too!

“It’s never been easier to shop around and find a bargain. The likes of online marketplaces and comparison websites have revolutionised our buying habits and can help us save a substantial amount of money on anything from holidays, to electrical appliances, to insurance. Time is money, so it’s definitely worth taking a few minutes to do some research before making a purchase – a little digging can make a big difference!”