• Almost a quarter of UK households (24%) have an unused landline which equates to over 6.5 million households

• 14% do not have a landline at all, which rises to almost 30% among 18 – 34-year olds

• Almost a quarter of those not using a landline partly blame cold callers and scammers for ditching it

5th June 2018 – Almost £480 million is currently being wasted every year by customers paying for landlines that they do not use, according to new research by A new study has found that almost a quarter of people currently own a landline but never use it.

The latest figures from Ofcom indicate that the average spend on landline services currently stands at around £23.50 per month. 74% of those costs are down to the line rental, which is also used for broadband services, and bundled calls. This suggests that people are spending just over £73 a year on landline services that are not part of a bundle or for line rental. This equates to £478 million a year based on the number of people that have a landline but never use it.

The figures also suggest that the number of landlines, as broadly expected, will significantly reduce in future as the growth of the smart phone market and introduction of 5G continues. While 60% of people in the UK currently have and use a landline, that number drops to just under 35% among 18 – 34-year olds.

When looking at the reasons why so many do not have a landline, the majority (60%) said that they only use a mobile phone, while 43% said that they have no use for a landline. However, a quarter of people mentioned that they were “fed up” with the number of cold calls and scammers that called their landline.

Peter Earl

Peter Earl

Head of Utilities

“The death of the landline is ‘hopefully’ upon us. Smart phones are slowly but surely making landlines obsolete, and generations Y and Z will likely ensure its final demise. As mobile coverage improves across the country, the number of people who will used a fixed line will inevitably decrease.


“The market is to blame partly for this as a package that includes phone can be cheaper than buying broadband on its own. However, it seems that a huge number of people are currently wasting money with landlines that they never use or have connected in their home. The biggest cost of a having a landline is the line-rental charges – which are often required to have broadband – but the costs of operating that landline are sometimes charged on top. This means that there is a significant amount being thrown away on monthly charges for a service that is never used. It is important to regularly review your current phone and broadband costs to ensure that you are not being charged for something unnecessarily. If in doubt, call your provider to check.”