Drivers can test their reaction times in adverse weather conditions with new quiz

Published: 08/09/2020
  • creates driving weather quiz to test motorists’ reaction times when faced with different weather conditions 
  • Thick fog impacts average driver’s reaction times by a huge 75%, while snow impacts reaction times by 34% 

01 September 2020: To unveil just how much of an impact weather can have on reaction times, has created a quiz that gives drivers the opportunity to  test  their reactions while driving in various weather conditions. From snow to sun glare, every type of weather brings its own set of challenges that drivers must contend with. has discovered that it can takes drivers 75% longer to spot a hazard while driving in thick fog as opposed to clear weather. Snow impacted reaction times by 34%, torrential rain affected response times by 30%, and sun glare by 13%.

Commenting on the findings, Dan Hutson, head of motor insurance at, said:

Having a quick reaction time is key to being a responsible driver, and you need to be aware of the conditions around you and be able to respond to them in time. It’s interesting to see from our research that drivers have different reaction times depending on the weather condition, with fog and snow affecting them the most. 

“The Highway Code sets out in its advice for driving in bad weather, that - you should make sure you’ve always got time to react to a potential hazard by keeping your distance from the car in front. Tailgating is illegal and should never be done in any weather condition, but you should always allow for bigger gaps between you and the car in front of you in more difficult weather conditions. 

“It’s also important to carry out correct vehicle checks before setting off on a long journey and make frequent stops too. Another tip is to have regular eye checks to ensure you meet the minimum eyesight standard for driving.”

To take part in the driving weather quiz, and for tips on how to best prepare for driving during a spell of bad weather, head over to:


  1. Survey of 1,000 UK drivers undertaken in July 2020 by TLF


Via comparethemarket’s interactive quiz, respondents were first asked, in seconds, how long it took them to spot the hidden objects in normal weather conditions, and then in bad weather conditions. Once we had the responses, we then worked out the percentage increase for each different weather condition to determine just how much reaction times are impacted.

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