One in five Brits considering going vegan, despite many not understanding what they can and can’t eat!

Published Dec 7 18

  • Meerkat Meals investigation shows that 8% of the UK now identify as vegan, with a further 19% considering the switch
  • Despite the growing trend, many wannabe vegans are still none-the-wiser when it comes to what makes up a fully vegan diet, with many mistaking honey and fish as vegan options
  • To bust the common misconceptions, Meerkat Meals has teamed up with leading nutritional therapist Rose Glover, to reveal the do’s and don’ts of veganism: 

Research from Meerkat Meals,’s 2-for-1 dining out reward, has found that, despite an increasing number of diners turning to plant-based food, many are doing so without a clear idea of what it actually means to be vegan.

The study showed that many diners are still in the dark over what constitutes a vegan lifestyle, with almost a quarter (23%) believing vegans can eat honey, and one in 20 (6%) thinking vegans can eat fish. Similarly, over a quarter of respondents believe that fruit (27%), vegetables (25%) and grains (31%), are off the menu for vegans, which would limit their options substantially.

This lack of knowledge even spreads to the almost one in 10 (8%) who already identify as vegan - when asked what makes up a vegan diet, 15% cited butter as a food item they could still enjoy, 13% believed they could still eat eggs and 14% included cheese from cows or goats as a vegan-friendly food.

Despite misperceptions around their diet, nearly half (45%) of committed vegans cited animal cruelty as a reason for making the change, while 36% highlighted the health benefits.

To try and beat the myths, Meerkat Meals, which is powered by tastecard, has teamed up with leading nutritional therapist Rose Glover to create a vegan-friendly infographic which reveals the do’s and don’ts of veganism:

Rose Glover

Rose Glover



“The rise of veganism is there for all to see, with many people reaping the rewards of the possible health benefits that come with a well-planned vegan diet, as well as the environmental advantages too.

It’s great to see more and more restaurants offering delicious and healthy plant-based meals. The day has finally come where seeing vegan options on a menu is the norm – it’s an exciting time to be vegan!”  

Demonstrating the boom in vegan dining, the research showed that two in five (40%) would be open to trying a vegan meal, despite not being vegan themselves. Furthermore, a third (33%) of non-vegans have taken the plant-based plunge by eating vegan food while dining out.

The research also found that the number of vegans is set to increase, with around one in five (19%) saying that since trying vegan food at a restaurant, they are likely to go vegan in the future. Non-vegan Brits admitted they are attracted to vegan dining due to the potential health benefits (42%) and the appetising look of the food (33%).

The study revealed that women are more likely to go vegan when dining out, with nearly half (46%) of females saying they are open to selecting a vegan dish, compared to a third (33%) of men. Surprisingly, over 55’s were the largest age group of willing part-time vegans, with 43% saying they were up for trying vegan food while eating out.

Vegan habits also differed massively across the country, with those in London (41%) having selected a vegan menu option before versus only 14% of their Northern Irish counterparts. The research also revealed a thriving vegan scene in Brighton, where nearly a third of diners (32%) were more likely to go vegan since trying a vegan dish at a restauraunt, and 45% citing health benefits as the key factor for picking a vegan option.

The high street is quickly adapting to the unstoppable rise of veganism, with nearly half (46%) of the Meerkat Meals participating restaurant chains offering a vegan option including ASK Italian, Zizzi, Frankie and Benny’s and many more.

Julie Daniels

Julie Daniels

Head of Meerkat Meals

Compare the Market

“It’s clear that veganism is very much on the march in the UK’s restaurants scene. With a growing number of Brits turning vegan and many more wanting to sample plant-based dishes when dining out, both restaurants and diners alike are paying a great deal of attention to the finer details of their food.

Whatever the reason for enjoying a vegan meal, it’s great to see that many Meerkat Meals restaurant chains and independents are picking up on this booming trend and offering a hearty variety of vegan alternatives.”


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