Gemma Schwartz

Gemma Schwartz

Head of home insurance

“Festival revellers will be too busy enjoying themselves to worry about whether their personal items are covered by their contents insurance. One of the most common crimes at festivals involving overnight stays is theft from tents. Having money or a valuable item stolen from your tent, either whilst you’re away or asleep, could end up being a double insult – as some insurance providers may not pay out in the event of a claim on your content insurance, even if you’ve taken out cover to include items damaged, lost or stolen outside the home. This is because some insurance providers impose conditions requiring items to be within your care and control and insist you have taken all reasonable steps to prevent any loss or damage.”       

“If during a theft, you’re unfortunate enough to lose some of your hard-earned cash, your insurance provider may cover this up to a certain amount, for example £500. Festival-goers should also be aware that items such as mobile phones or tablets may be covered under separate mobile or gadget insurance policies, which will have their own terms and conditions, so you need to check these carefully. Most importantly, under some mobile phone policies, following a theft, the policyholder will need to report the incident to the police, mobile network and insurance provider within a specific timeframe to meet the claims conditions – some policies state that you have to report a theft within 24 hours of the incident occurring. Partying in the middle of a field and reporting the theft of a phone tend not to go hand-in-hand, so it’s important to check the terms of your cover and keep your phone very close by at all times!”

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