The end of the holiday selfie – Brits shun social media to keep thieves in the dark

23rd August 2017: Millions of Brits are now abandoning social media while on holiday to avoid leaving clues for thieves back at home, according to new research from

Recent high-profile crimes like the £400k jewelry heist on footballer John Terry’s mansion (by thieves alerted to his absence by his Instagram ski holiday photos), have raised alarms when it comes to giving up too much information while away.  Two-thirds (67%) of Brits now consider taking a more cautious approach and delaying posting any holiday snaps on social media until they have returned from their travels.

However, some are yet to get the message, with holidaying Scots proving to be the worst culprits of clogging social media with holiday snaps, with two-fifths (44%) still posting.

A planned hiatus from social media is one way to stay off thieves’ radars, however, the research also raised concerns that many holiday-goers were still cutting corners when it comes to securing their beloved homes, whilst around one in five households - that’s over 9.7 million Brits – are taking further security precautions prior to departing on their holiday.

Despite the availability of low-cost security technology, many Brits adopt a traditional approach to protecting their home - three-quarters (73%) choose to ask a neighbour, friend or family member to keep an eye on their home whilst they are away. A cheeky one in five impose on their next-door neighbours to ‘check their property twice a day’, according to the survey. This doesn’t seem to be providing peace of mind though, as 61% of Brits admit to worrying about their home being burgled whilst they are away.

And when it comes to security measures, a third (33%) use timed or other security lights, a fifth (19%) have a safe and only one in ten (11%) install a smart security camera to deter or track intruders.  

To tackle the lack of security on the nation’s empty homes over the summer, has created an infographic providing tips on how to secure homes before jetting-off on holiday. Top tips include ensuring locks are up to a high standard, installing a safe for the most valuable items and of course having a good level of cover under your home contents insurance policy.

Find out more information on how to secure your home here.

Simon McCulloch

Simon McCulloch

Director of Insurance

“Going on holiday can be a stressful time without having to worry about your prized possessions at home. Delaying sharing your holiday memories until you return from your travels is one possible way of deterring thieves, however, there’s more that could be done to provide peace of mind. Our newly created infographic can help guide consumers on the simple steps they can take to secure their homes as the August bank holiday getaway approaches.”

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