'Little Angels’ to ‘Little Homewreckers’: Children causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage every year to parents’ homes

Thursday 19th October 2017: As half term approaches, parents would be wise to keep a close eye on their children while in the home, with kids between two and ten causing an average of £252 damage to homes every year. That’s according to new research from comparethemarket.com.

With almost two thirds (63%) of parents admitting that their children are prone to accidents, the damage caused by youngsters across Britain’s homes is amounting to millions of pounds of collective damage each year. To make matters worse, over half of parents (55%) are paying the price, as the items in question are never claimed on their home insurance policies. Some mums and dads admitted that they did not even realise the damage caused by their offspring could potentially be covered on their insurance.

When it comes to the most damage-prone period, the longer summer holidays were seen as a prime time by three in ten (29%) parents. Meanwhile, kids aged four were identified by their parents as being the most destructive.

The item likeliest to get the ‘Little Homewreckers’ treatment are carpets, however almost a quarter (24%) of parents have also waved goodbye to big ticket laptops and tablets. Some parents have been hit with even stranger mishaps; one arrived home to a smashed fish tank, while another discovered a radiator had been ripped off the wall.

The top 10 items most commonly damaged by kids:

  1. Carpets (41%)
  2. Walls (34%)
  3. Ornaments (32%)
  4. Clothes (31%)
  5. Sofas / chairs (30%)
  6. Laptops / tablets (24%)
  7. TVs (18%)
  8. Books / magazines (18%)
  9. Mobile phones (17%)
  10. Shoes (17%)

To help parents keep their kids entertained and out of trouble in the home this half term, comparethemarket.com has created a guide to help protect homes from costly damage, as well as advice on the best insurance suited to families with kids

Despite the ongoing destruction, the majority of parents remain relaxed, with three in five parents (59%) accepting and expecting their kids to cause chaos, justifying their behavior as being part of the growing up process. Almost half (47%) of parents would also wait to replace damaged items until their kids are old enough to know better. 

Chris King

Chris King

Head of Home


“With many parents working round the clock, the school holidays can be a pretty daunting prospect. Of course, accidents will happen - and the school holidays are a prime time for the youngsters in your life to accidentally damage your home. That’s why it is so vital that parents ensure their content insurance is up to scratch and covers them for all eventualities.

“As well as making a few alterations in the home to minimise potential damage, keeping the kids entertained is the best way to prevent them from getting into mischief while your back is turned. That’s why we’ve produced a number of guides for how to keep the kids out of trouble and harm’s way in the school holidays.”