• Over 1.7 million (11.6%) homeowners have had to pay for emergency repair work on their homes because a delayed DIY job escalated to a critical state
  • Emergency DIY costs Brits an average of £459.88 per household, £684 million* across the UK
  • 61% of the DIY delayers were out of pocket because their home insurance did not cover the work.
  • 46% of people who take on DIY jobs admit to living in discomfort as a result of progress delays

 The upcoming Bank Holiday weekend has prompted nearly 1 in 3 (32%) of homeowners to put DIY on the ‘To Do’ list but a sizeable amount (40%) won’t get round to it, with the potential for costly results.

New research from comparethemarket.com warns that DIY delays can turn into DIY disasters. 1.7 million (11.6%) homeowners have needed emergency repair work due to a long delayed DIY job - such as a leaking tap turning into a household flood.

Of those Brits who have ignored DIY jobs which have resulted in an emergency repair, 85.71% sought help from a professional tradesman, costing an average of £459.88 per household or £684* million across the UK. 61% of the DIY delayers were out of pocket because their insurance did not cover the work.

The study in to the UK’s DIY habits has also revealed that almost half of homeowners (46%) have lived without at least one home essential due to a stalled DIY project, such as no shower, heating or cooking facilities, for an average of 7 months. Stress (25%) and physical discomfort (9.20%) topped the list of personal ramifications as a result of DIY procrastination.

Top five excuses for DIY delays:

1. Lack of money to get the job done (35%)

2. DIY never gets to the top of the To Do list (33.72%)

3. The weather wasn’t right for the job (28%)

4. No time for the work (35%)

5. Can’t be bothered (30.74%)

Top five DIY tasks that we struggle to get off the ‘To Do’ list:

1. Painting (51%)

2. Gardening (39%)

3. Bathroom renovation or repairs (35.79%)

4. Kitchen renovation or repairs (32.81%)

5. The finishing touches for near completed DIY jobs (23%)

Dr. Thomas Webb, Social Psychologist at The University of Sheffield and Chair of the Institute of Inertia, said: “DIY is a classic example of people struggling to translate their good intentions into action. Many of us would like our homes to look better and the Bank Holiday weekend is a good opportunity to put these plans into action. However, when push comes to shove, we are often tempted by more enjoyable alternatives (e.g., a day trip with the family or taking the chance to rest). Splitting the job into three smaller tasks might help the job to feel less daunting – do one task each morning of the Bank Holiday weekend and then treat yourself to a rest or a trip out in the afternoon.”

Damian Reilly, Head of Home Insurance at comparethemarket.com, said: “The Bank Holiday weekend is a great time to tackle a DIY project but before you get stuck in, it pays to make sure you’ve checked out your home insurance policy, specifically the accidental damage clause as this isn’t automatically included on all policies.”

*11.6% of homeowners (1.73million), 86% have needed professional help to fix a DIY delay (1.4 million). The average amount spent on fixing delayed DIY is £459.88, multiplied by 1.4 million. Equalling £684,209,464

**Based upon the number of owner occupied households in the UK 15 million. Source: Office of National Statistics:  Home ownership and renting in England and Wales report released: 28 June 2013

All data, other than that referenced below, is sourced from comparethemarket.com.

Data relating to DIY is sourced from OnePoll – 18 – 20 April 2016

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