Motoring Through the Ages: Past and current iconic car styles and costs revealed

16 March 2018: With the Geneva Motor Show just around the corner, has taken a drive down memory lane, revealing how some of the UKs most famous car models have changed in both style and price. While some cars would be unrecognisable from their older versions, others have stayed remarkably close to their original design.

From the grand Rolls-Royce Phantom and Jaguar XJ – to household favorites such as the Honda Civic and the Ford Fiesta – has taken a deep-dive into the automobile archives to show not only how popular cars once looked, but also how much consumers were – and still are – willing to invest in them. For example, while a Chevrolet Corvette would have cost £1,256 (or £33,000 based on inflation figures ) back in 1953, today a model could set you back nearly double at £64,010.

Similarly, the Rolls Royce has evolved significantly. During the pre-war era, up-market cars like the Rolls Royce were supplied as a chassis only and these were then taken to a coachbuilder to have a body shell made and fitted. At the lower end of the spectrum, Ford’s first ever compact hatchback, the Ford Fiesta, has only marginally shifted in price for its customers; from £1,856 (£12,700 based on inflation figures) in 1976 to £13,165 today.

Dan Hutson

Dan Hutson

Head of Motor Insurance

“Our latest research shows just how drastically the iconic vehicles of our time have evolved in the last half-century. What’s also clear to see is that, not only have the aesthetics transformed, prices have taken a steep turn too.

However, one thing that hasn’t changed, is how many motorists rely on their cars every day. Therefore, regardless of whether you prefer classic cars or more modern designs, it remains vital to stay on top of the factors that will impact the running costs. For example, with car insurance at an all-time high, it’s worthwhile keeping an eye on your insurance premiums to ensure you always find the best policy to meet your needs, as doing so, could be the difference between taking your car and having to use the bus.”

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