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  • 4.55 million* drivers are ‘parked’ – meaning they haven’t driven in at least a year
  • Women drivers are nearly three times less confident than men
  • Exclusive video follows three London motorists on their first drive in years

A new poll conducted by has found that nearly a million** licence holders in Britain haven’t driven since passing their test, while one in ten of all licence-holders in Britain haven’t driven in the past year – with a crisis of confidence and financial barriers stopping them getting behind the wheel.

37% of ‘parked’ motorists said the the “costs of driving are too high”, while a quarter (25%) admitted they “no longer have the confidence to drive”.

Despite being statistically safer, women are much less confident drivers than men. Almost triple the number of women (12.5% vs 4.6%) admitted that they “don’t feel confident” behind the wheel compared to men, while three times more female ‘parked’ drivers (22% vs 7%) said they don’t drive because they “fear having an accident.”

This long-term lack of confidence is extremely tough to overcome, with half (50%) of all ‘parked’ drivers confessing that they “wouldn’t feel confident driving again”, while over one in three (36%) stated that they wouldn’t drive again without professional refresher lessons.

One likely cause of this statistic is the fact that people are starting to drive as early as possible, with the research finding that more drivers pass their test aged 17 than any other age. Nearly one in ten (9%) drivers said that they felt “pressured” to pass their test at a young age and a fifth (21%) admitted they didn’t actually consider the costs of driving before taking their test.

Simon McCulloch, Commercial Director at, said:

“Passing the driving test is a big moment in anyone’s life but this research shows that it’s not always the start of a motoring love affair! It can be extremely hard – and expensive – for ‘parked’ drivers to get back behind the wheel, and as this video shows it’s a good idea to take it slow and get professional help when you do hit the road again."