Housemates call-out dirty dishes and bathroom cleaning as dispute triggers

Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James provides the low-down on finding the ideal house mates
  • 61% of house-sharing Brits shun best-friends as the ideal housemate
  • More than one in five (22%) would prefer to share with strangers
  • 'Sensible' and 'hygienic' beat 'fun' and 'social' in desired housemate traits 
  • launches interactive quiz to help find the ideal housemate and creates a new ‘bins out selector’ tool to help manage “Rubbish Rage” and the unwanted chore of taking out the bins

When it comes to house sharing, best friends should be AVOIDED at all costs. That’s according to over three-fifths (61%) of Brits living in shared accommodation. Furthermore, new research reveals that most Brits believe the secret to avoiding a dispute comes from ensuring the kitchen sink is free from dirty dishes (44%) and delegating bathroom cleaning duties (20%).

The findings come as part of’s new “Perfect Flatmate” hub, designed in partnership with Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James, to unlock the do’s and don’ts for house-sharers across the nation.

With one in four households in Britain expected to be privately rented by 2021 , it means that house-sharing etiquette has never been so important. The research also reveals that 43% of Brits would stay in their bedrooms to avoid having to interact with a housemate but when pressed to understand what would trigger an argument, nearly a third (28%) feel the frustration when people eat food that is not their own, followed quickly by friends and family staying for a period of time, rent free (16%).

38% of Brits believe the ideal house share is made up of four people, equally split between male and female (42%). When looking at personality traits, the top characteristics people look for are 'sensible' (53%) and 'hygienic' (49%) and being a 'non-smoker' (37%) with 'fun' (34%) and 'social' (30%) taking fourth and fifth place.

Nearly a quarter (20%) confess to having a dispute with their housemates once every 2-3 months, and when thinking of other bugbears, energy (30%) and rent payments (14%) are the most contentious issue when it comes to paying bills. This is no surprise, when a staggering 88% admit to not owning a shared bank account despite people contributing to, in excess of, 10 household bills.

Honey Langcaster-James

Honey Langcaster-James

Leading psychologist

and coach

 “Living harmoniously with other people is not always easy. It’s always a chore when you have to clean up after yourself, let alone after others, so finding people to live with who are considerate and do their fair share of the household cleaning is vital if you want to ensure you’ll all get along. Finance is another huge factor when it comes to a happy household and it’s important to ensure you have a strategy in place for working bills out easily to avoid tension or resentment.

 “When people are looking for housemates, they often think that finding someone who is fun, sociable, and who shares certain interests are important, but the research shows this is not actually the best strategy. If you want to achieve a harmonious household, you need to look deeper than these superficial traits in order to discover whether you’ll actually be able to live together.”

Wave Goodbye to “Rubbish Rage”

To save flatmates from the classic household war of who takes the bins out, has produced a handy online tool – the ‘bins out selector’ – which aims to stop arguments and designate a housemate to take out the bins.

In addition, when it comes to working out the best personality for YOUR house share, a new interactive quiz promises to take the guess work out of who would make the perfect housemate for you.

To visit the “Perfect Flatmate” hub go to

Chris King

Chris King

Head of Home Insurance

"With over five million households in private rented accommodation , it is not uncommon that at one stage in your life, you will experience house sharing; be that at university or when you move out of your family home. It is therefore essential that where you live is as harmonious as you want it to be.

"The personality quiz, along with Honey's essential questions, are fantastic tools to help give you a foot in the right direction when looking for your perfect flatmate and perhaps, the research will give some pointers on how to maintain that all important happy household!"