• 1hr 16minutes into the staycation journey is revealed as the most stressful moment for families
  • More than half (60%) of UK holiday car journeys take 3 or more hours
  • Almost half (46%) of parents admit to resorting to technology to keep the family entertained BUT traditional games aren’t dead, with 42% saying ‘ I Spy’ is still a family favourite for keeping kids entertained
  • Despite parents’ best efforts, topping the list for breaking the peace is boredom (35%), followed closely by sibling arguments and needing to stop for loo breaks (28% and 25% respectively)
  • Brits can ensure they’re ready for the road and reduce stress levels by visiting comparethemarket.com for top staycation tips this summer


Wednesday 20 July 2016: As Brits prepare to embark on the Great British Getaway, new research by comparethemarket.com has revealed that 1hr 16minutes into the ‘staycation’ journey is the moment we all wished ‘we were there’ as car journey stress levels peak.
The report, out today as schools across the UK close for the summer holiday, sees more than half of families clock up over 3 hours on their journey to hot spot favourites such as Cornwall, London and the Lake District.

The car journey is far from the beginning of a relaxing break, with 35% of parents battling backseat ‘boredom’, 28% juggling sibling arguments and 25% needing to stop for toilet breaks en route to their destination.

For some parents, when it comes to keeping the peace, the planning starts the night before, with over 1 in 10 (16%) admitting to ‘keeping their children up late’ in the hope that they’ll sleep in the car. A small 5% even confess to turning to medication such as Calpol to help induce sleep and reduce travel stresses.

Technology tops the list as the go-to in-car entertainment for families, with 46% of children playing games on smartphones and tables to pass the time. Traditional car games are not dead though, with 42% still playing ‘I Spy’ to keep the children occupied and a further 19% keeping the ‘number plate’ game alive.

To help families plan a stress free staycation, comparethemarket.com has launched the Great British Getaway Hub with top tips on ensuring cars, and families are road ready.

Simon McCulloch, Director at comparethemarket.com, commented: “Staycations are a very attractive option for families this year, particularly with Euro and US exchange rates not being in our favour. Today’s research, however, shows that the car journey is not always plain sailing, with stress levels typically peaking half way through a 3 hour journey, at 1hr 16 minutes. Parents have clearly got a few tricks up their sleeves though, with some even keeping the children up late the night before in the hope of some peace during the journey. We’ve today launched a Great British Getaway hub, to offer some really practical advice and help for Mums and Dads to ensure they are as prepared as possible before embarking on their staycation journey.”

Visit the Great British Getaway Hub here.