Published: 20/01/2022
  • Turning off the lights, tidying things away and having the TV on too loud top the list of things we nag others about
  • 70% feel like all they do is have a go at others to get things done
  • 83% have had to nag themselves to sort their life admin, despite 31% wanting to improve their outgoings and spend less in 2022

20 January 2021 - Researchers have identified the top 30 things we constantly nag others about - topped by turning off lights, tidying things away and having the TV on too loud.

A study by of 2,000 adults found seven in 10 feel like all they do is have a go at loved ones to get things done, wishing they’d stop leaving clothes on the floor, dishes around the house and shoes lying around. Other gripes include not turning the TV off, turning the heating on too high and leaving bins overflowing. The average person reckons they nag at least three times a day, although 72 per cent admit they pester others when they could be doing something themselves.

More than four in 10 adults (43 per cent) claim they are the main ‘nagger’ in their household. Turning the telly down, not replacing the toilet roll and walking past things on the stairs which need carrying up are additional top things people nag their household about. Other irritations include not making the beds, never recycling and leaving the toilet seat up.

When it comes to life admin, as many as 83 per cent of adults have had to nag themselves to sort out these personal tasks they’ve been putting off – with nearly a quarter delaying sorting their home insurance for a month or more.

It also emerged 31 per cent would like to improve their outgoings and spend less this year, while 29 per cent will be reassessing what they can afford in 2022. Nearly a quarter will also be using January as a fresh start to re-evaluate their outgoings.

Amusingly, 62 per cent have put off a task deliberately after being nagged purely to irritate the person badgering them. While 30 per cent of those polled say they have to pester their children the most to get things done.

Nagging could be perceived as a positive way to get things done, as 48 per cent don’t mind being ‘reminded’ and 54 per cent believe humans are hardwired to need to be nudged to get things done.

Ursula Gibbs, director at, said:

“While sometimes it can be annoying, being nagged or having that nagging feeling happens for the greater good. It can often be the springboard to getting something useful done that you’ve been putting off for a while, whether it’s something round the house or your own personal admin. The research has also revealed a large number of people like to be nagged in order to push themselves to get on with things.

“January is often a time where people take a fresh look at where they stand on things for the year ahead. The research has shown many intend on taking a closer look at their outgoings during this time, no doubt fuelled by increasing prices in many areas of life at the moment. By taking this step, they can hopefully enjoy 2022 without having that nagging feeling as much - when it comes to their admin, at least!”

To help get rid of that nagging feeling, Compare the Market has created the Good Things hub with useful tools to help automate some of that life admin, and find great deals on car and home insurance ahead of renewal.

Top 30 things Brits nag about

  1. Turning off lights
  2. Cleaning up after themselves in general
  3. Putting things back in the wrong place
  4. Having the TV volume too loud
  5. Leaving clothes on the floor
  6. Leaving dishes / cups around the house
  7. Not replacing toilet roll on the holder
  8. Going outside and leaving the door wide open in winter
  9. Leaving several pairs of shoes lying around
  10. Walking right past things on the stairs which need taking up
  11. Not cleaning the sink properly after shaving/ brushing teeth
  12. Not turning the TV off
  13. Not putting clean washing away
  14. Spending less time on their phones
  15. Turning the heating on too high
  16. Coming down for dinner
  17. Leaving bins overflowing
  18. Saving money
  19. Leaving the dishes next to the dishwasher
  20. Leaving the fridge/freezer door open
  21. Leaving the toilet seat up
  22. Never doing the recycling
  23. Not making beds
  24. Not loading / unloading the dishwasher
  25. Sorting out their general life admin
  26. Spending less time in front of the TV
  27. Playing videos on their phone too loudly
  28. Reducing their outgoings
  29. Exercising
  30. Letting the laundry basket overflow


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Survey of 2,000 people conducted by OnePoll for in December 2021.

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