Jo Swinson joins a host of consumer specialists in addressing the UK’s inertia issue

The Institute of Inertia announces the members of its new advisory panel to provide advice, tips and strategies on how the UK can overcome common issues and behaviours caused by inertia when it comes to saving money on household bills.

Chairing the advisory panel is Dr. Thomas Webb, a Social Psychologist at The University of Sheffield, whose research into financial inertia will inform the discussions. The panel will analyse Dr. Webb’s findings from in depth focus groups and propose real life solutions that will help to drive habitual change among consumers. The first advisory panel meeting will be held on Tuesday 17th November, where they will be discussing consumer behaviour in the energy market.

The advisory panel members have been hand picked for their knowledge and expertise in personal and consumer finance, consumer behaviour, policy and research:

  • Dr Thomas Webb, Institute of Inertia Advisory Panel Chair. Dr. Webb is a behavioural expert with an interest in how people achieve their goals and make changes to their behaviour. As Chair he will be hosting the advisory panel sessions as well as leading the focus group research and providing insight throughout the campaign
  • Jo Swinson, Institute of Inertia Advisory Panel Vice-Chair. Jo will be bringing her wealth of consumer knowledge to the advisory panel helping to create real tangible solutions that will help to save consumers money
  • Jasmine Birtles, finance expert, commentator and journalist. Jasmine will be bringing her expertise in personal finances to the panel and will be helping to develop canny ideas to save us time and money 
  • Ricky Willis, Editor of Skint Dad Blog. Ricky will be sharing his hard won experience and tips on managing family budgets to the Institute of Inertia
  • Jen Walshaw, Editor Mum in the Madhouse Blog. Jen will help to provide down to earth, sound practical advice 
  • Michelle Highman, Chief Executive of The Money Charity. Michelle will help the Institute of Inertia through her expertise in financial education and money advice.
  • Liz Barclay,Finance Expert. Liz will be updating the Institute of Inertia with the latest developments from the personal finance industry as well as providing information and advice when it comes to managing household budgets

Jo Swinson says of her new role, "Confident consumers who shop around and switch providers get the best deals, save money and promote better competition within markets.  Despite this, we know that people are more likely to change their partner than their bank account.  Understanding this customer inertia is important to create policies and strategies that will help people cut their household bills, so I am very pleased to join the advisory panel of the Institute of Inertia as its Vice-Chair.  This research partnership between the University of Sheffield and will delve into the psychology behind consumer inertia, and identify ideas to help people take action to save money and improve their household finances.

Dr. Thomas Webb says, “I am leading the Institute of Inertia’s work into understanding inertia, starting with household finances. I want to find out why people don’t change suppliers more often to save money or why do we leave the TV on standby when we know that it adds to our electricity costs? I am going to be asking people across the country why this is the case and work with the panel to find solutions to overcoming financial inertia.”

Click here for full details of all panel members.


About the Institute of Inertia

*The Institute of Inertia, a partnership between and the University of Sheffield, launched in 2015 and looks at the psychology behind financial inertia to help consumers save wasted time and money.

*The Institute of Inertia is a network of experts and academics led by The University of Sheffields Dr Thomas Webb, a specialist in consumer behavior.

*A programme of qualitative and quantitative research tranches inform the Institute of Inertia and help shape and test potential solutions to drive behavioural change. 

*For more information on the Institute of Inertia, please visit   

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