Revealed: The UK areas that grant planning permissions the most

Published: 08/09/2020
  • Richmondshire, North Yorkshire, is revealed as the location that grants the highest percentage of planning permissions, with 99% of decisions approved
  • The north of the country grants more planning permissions than the south
  • Cumbria is the county with the highest approval rates of planning permissions

3 September: New research from reveals the locations, counties and regions in England that have the highest approval rates when applying for planning permission.

From adding an extension to building an entirely new structure on your property, there are a number of reasons why people apply for planning permission. However, there are countless reasons why an application may be rejected.

With this in mind, has looked at government data to reveal which areas of the country have the highest percentage of planning permission applications approved.

You can view the research in full here.

Shire districts with the highest approval rates for planning permissions:

Location  % of decisions granted 
Richmondshire  99% 
Barrow-in-Furness  97% 
Carlisle  97% 
Copeland  97% 
Erewash  97% 
North West Leicestershire  97% 
Rushmoor  97% 
Cheltenham  96% 
Eden  96% 
Havant 96% 

Richmondshire in North Yorkshire has the highest approval rate for applicants, with 99% of applications granted.

Three of the locations with the highest approval rates are in Cumbria and the data shows it is the county most likely to approve planning permission projects.

London boroughs with the highest approval rates for planning permissions:

Location % of decisions granted 
City of London  98% 
Camden  92% 
Wandsworth  91% 
Kensington and Chelsea  90% 
Hammersmith and Fulham  88% 
Merton  88% 
Westminster  88% 
Bexley  87% 
Haringey  87% 
Southwark  87% 

The City of London is the London borough with the highest approval rates for planning permissions, with 98% of decisions granted, followed by Camden with 92% and Wandsworth with 91%. 
Metropolitan districts with the highest approval rates for planning permissions: 

Location  % of decisions granted 
Bury  96% 
Knowsley  96% 
North Tyneside  96% 
Salford  95% 
Stockport  95% 
Gateshead  94% 
Liverpool  94% 
Sefton  94% 
Solihull  94% 
South Tyneside  94% 

Bury, Knowsley and North Tyneside are the three metropolitan districts with the highest approval rate, with 96% of decisions granted.

Nine out of the top 10 of the metropolitan districts with the highest approval rates are in the north of the country. Solihull, in the West Midlands, is the only metropolitan district to make the top 10 which isn’t in the north.

Chris King, head of home insurance at, said:

“Applying for planning permission is exciting as it’s one of the first things you do before making major improvements to your home.

“If your project needs planning permission, we recommend that you take a look at the planning section on your local council’s website to see what guidance is available. You can also work with local architects and developers as they will have a good understanding of what the local council will approve and reject.

“Remember, if you’re planning an extension or doing any improvements, building or alteration to your home, it’s important you notify your home insurance provider to make sure you’re covered.”