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Postcard from Maiya

Postcard from Maiya

Wednesday, 04, Feb 2015 09:00

Dear Oleg,


Your Papa tell me you are at nursery in Africa, I hope you are being good pup for your nursery teacher. My 1C class this year are very naughty and always play prank. Yesterday they are put cockroach on my desk – was delicious – so can be quite sweet as well.


Are the African meerpups well behaved? I am always fancied work abroad…


Be good!


With kind regards,



Monday, 16, Feb 2015 10:00

Postcard from Oleg

Dear Aleksandr and Sergei,

Oleg very happy here and do a drawing of both of you above.

Tuesday, 10, Feb 2015 09:00

Postcard from Vassily

Hey littles dude! How is it in Meergono? 

Tuesday, 13, Jan 2015 21:00

Postcard from Yakov

My dear Oleg,

Your two papas tell me you are have such wonderfuls time in Africa that you are decide to stay.