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Postcard from Vassily

Postcard from Vassily

Tuesday, 10, Feb 2015 09:00

Hey littles dude!


How is it in Meergono? My band, Motley Claw, have almost tour there in 1986 but have to cut short African tour due to allegations involving unpaid mini-bar bill and some light damage to hotel room trouser press (nothing was ever prove).


Business is great in my store, these new cassette tape are almost as popular as vinyl! I am even upsell pencil with them for tape jam situation.


Keep it real, man,

Vassily x



Monday, 16, Feb 2015 10:00

Postcard from Oleg

Dear Aleksandr and Sergei,

Oleg very happy here and do a drawing of both of you above.

Wednesday, 04, Feb 2015 09:00

Postcard from Maiya

Dear Oleg,


Your Papa tell me you are at nursery in Africa, I hope you are being good pup for your nursery teacher

Tuesday, 13, Jan 2015 21:00

Postcard from Yakov

My dear Oleg,

Your two papas tell me you are have such wonderfuls time in Africa that you are decide to stay.