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Meet the Villagers

Find out more about Bogdan


I like run, do climbings, diggings and squeak loudest…

  • Likes:
  • Squeaking loudest
  • Favourite games:
  • Climbing & jumping
  • Meerkat heroes:
  • Superkat & Spiderkat
  • Favourite compare kat:
  • Parkourkat

Bogdan is a mischeivious little Meerpup who is currently receive teachings at Meerkovo Primary School.

Bogdan very smart pup but he is prefer show off and climb trees. He is always get into troubles, and is all-time record holder for longest wearing of School’s dunce hat!

When not being made sit on naughty step, Bogdan like play football, burrow sleigh race and dig for grubs. At night he dream of lift GP trophy just like his hero - racing driver Furnando Alonso.