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Meet the Team

Find out more about Oleg


Oleg as Olaf

Oleg is our most beloved meerpup. He is curious and always want to discover new places. Is why he was so excited for live in Africa with other safari meerpups. 

He is sociable and he play in the sun all day with best friend, Ayana. He already catch beetles with his own little paws, but he still has a lot to learn about life in Africa from her. 

Oleg loves film Disney Frozen, and so he dream about snowy place where he is dress up as favourite character, Olaf. Like the snowman, he is full of energy and ready to have fun with Ayana.


  • Likes: Disney Frozen, Olaf, Sleeping

  • Favourite Occupation: Building sand/snowkats

  • Favourite Colour: Grub green.

  • Best Friend: Ayana

  • Favourite Food: Beetle bits.



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