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Meet the villagers

Find out more about Vassily

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It was great time in rock band. At least I think this was case…

  • Likes:
  • Meerbrew & Beetle Juice
  • Favourite compare kat:
  • Guitarkat

Vassily once was big success musickat and play in band ‘Motley Claw’. Unfortunate rest of band kick him out for play too many balalaika solos half-way through songs.

These days Vassily run local record store in Meerkovo. He is officially retire from rocking out, but you can occasionally catch him play impromptu gig after a few Meerbeers. It is rumour he is work on new EP in the secret.

These days Vassily like nothing better than riding loud motorbike and telling how he greatest balalaika player ever living. You mostly find him prop up bar in the Queasy Mongoose.