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Meet the Villagers

Find out more about Yakov


I could have been professionals salsa dancer. I still have moves…

  • Likes:
  • Salsa dancing
  • Favourite snack:
  • Pickled onion crisps
  • Favourite compare kat:
  • Kraftkat

Yakov is a gentle and kind soul who work as Chief Toymaker in village of Meerkovo.

He has run toy shop for many years, and is start get a little long in the claw. When it comes to old ages he even give Sergei a run for his Rubles.

Claim for fame is that he invent very first pogo stick while just a young whiskersnapper.

Don’t be fool by his shy exterior, he is often seen with a young ladykat on his arm.

After a long day at his workbench Yakov is like unwind with silent movie films and pickled onions crisp. At the weekend he is love to go salsa dancing.