Chris King, Head of Home Insurance

Chris is an expert on… all things related to buildings and contents insurance and has engaged with the media on a range of topics about home insurance.

Chris has also commented on… potential exclusions in contents insurance policies around carrying out DIY during lockdown; increased levels of bike theft during COVID-19; the concerning levels of under insurance among young people and renters.

Chris King commenting on...

Frozen pipes - Februrary 2021

"One of the biggest issues for homeowners in extremely cold weather is the prospect of pipes freezing. Frozen pipes can cause serious damage to homes, because when they thaw, the build up in pressure can cause a sudden burst of water. The best way to prevent pipes freezing is to keep your heating on at a low level or set your thermostat at a minimum temperature to ensure the pipework doesn’t get cold enough to freeze. It’s a good idea to know where your stopcock is anyway, and this can save vital time if you need to quickly turn your water supply off. If you do notice a frozen pipe or a leak, contact your home insurer as soon as possible to prevent the issue becoming more severe and they will give you help on what to do next. Most insurers have a 24 hour phone line so don’t wait to speak to them - acting quickly is the best way to prevent your house becoming more damaged."

Flooding - January 2021

“With many homes in the north, central and east of England facing the risk of flooding as Storm Christoph takes hold, households need to make sure they are protected. Understand your policy – home insurance usually provides cover for flooding, but can vary between insurance providers. If you believe you’re at a high risk of flooding, take care to understand from your insurer what you are covered for and take the measures they suggest to keep your home as protected as you can.

“Stay safe when protecting your home – floodwater is dirty, and you don’t want to come into contact with it. So, be sure to have plenty of rubber gloves around, along with waterproof boots. You can also buy anti-backflow devices for your toilets, which will reduce the risk of sewage entering your home.”

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