Chris King

Home insurance expert

Chris is an expert on all things related to buildings and contents insurance and has engaged with the media on a range of topics about home insurance.

Chris has also commented on potential exclusions in contents insurance policies around carrying out DIY during lockdown; increased levels of bike theft during COVID-19; the concerning levels of under insurance among young people and renters.

Chris King commenting on...

Buildings insurance

“Buildings insurance could give you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re financially protected if something goes wrong. And when you combine it with contents insurance, you’ll know your home is covered – inside and out.”

Shed & outbuilding Insurance

“All those garden tools and furniture you acquire over the years, or musical equipment you might keep in the garage or summerhouse, would be extremely expensive to replace.

“Be sure to check the fine print of your home insurance policy to see what’s covered, and add on extra contents insurance if necessary, to make sure you’re covered for the full value of your belongings.”

Tenant's liability insurance

“If you’re one of the many households that rent a property in the UK, you’ll want the peace of mind that you’re protected financially if you damage your landlord’s property by accident.  

“Insurance for renters isn’t always obligatory, but it can safeguard you against risks to do with your living situation.

“The home insurance market is incredibly competitive, so shopping around and comparing quotes is a great way to get a cheaper deal.”