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Giles Byford

Chief Growth Officer at Compare the Market

Consumer expert on energy, money, life insurance, digital as well as small business products

Giles brings his many years of experience in the financial services industry to Compare the Market, to help you save money on your household bills and make great financial decisions.

In his spare time, Giles likes to keep active and take part in triathlons!

Giles’ background in the industry

“I’ve worked for over twenty years in the financial services industry, across a range of roles including CFO of Bó, start-up digital retail bank from NatWest, planning and strategy within operations at NatWest and working in private equity at Barclays.”

Giles’ goal as Chief Growth Officer at Compare the Market

“I want to provide our customers with brilliant propositions to help their financial decision-making and save more money through Compare the Market.”