Holly Cox (nee Niblett)

Digital expert

Holly is an expert on broadband, mobile and TV and the issues that impact customers, like poor broadband in rural areas, and how Ofcom regulation affects competition. With broadband increasingly being recognised as an essential utility, Holly is committed to informing people about how they can get the best possible deal, and building the best comparison service to make it easy for them.

Holly has also commented on how COVID-19 has increased demand for faster broadband packages (including the rollout of fibre broadband this year); what the planned O2-Virgin Media merger will mean for customers and broadband provision across the UK.

Holly Cox commenting on...

Fibre broadband deals

"If you live in anything like a modern home, chances are you're going to want fibre broadband. Families with lots of users, or if you're into lots of streaming, downloading or online gaming, will need broadband with plenty of speed and bandwidth to keep up with your busy lives. Making the jump from ADSL to fibre is a game changer."

Broadband & phone deals

"Most of us use our mobiles as our main way of making calls. But even if you never use your landline, you’re likely to find you can make savings by bundling it with your broadband rather than looking for a separate broadband package. And when you compare with us, you can find deals that include UK mobile numbers in your landline phone package."

Mobile phone deals

"The mobile phone market is very competitive, especially when the latest phones get released. Make sure you shop around and compare deals to avoid paying more than you need to, because your loyalty could cost you. If you're looking for a SIM-only deal, make sure you have a phone that's unlocked, because you'll have access to deals from every network, opening you up to far more options."

Bundle discounts

"Bundling your broadband, TV and phone makes sense for several reasons. You could potentially save money with a bundle discount, but it can also save you hassle and life admin, because you'll only have one provider to deal with. If this is important to you, a bundle is well worth considering. Just don't get too comfortable with that one provider, as you can end up paying more for remaining loyal. Switching provider is one of the best ways to save money on your digital bundle... and that's where we come in."

Our broadband postcode checker

“When you’ve found out what broadband deals are available in your area, it’s also worth considering packages. If you’re a movie, sports and TV fan, a bundled broadband, phone and TV package could work out cheaper than separate products.

“Some providers even offer discounts if you bundle broadband with your phone and TV. You’d also have the convenience of everything coming under one monthly bill.”