Holly Cox (nee Niblett), Head of Digital

Holly is an expert on… broadband, mobile and TV and the issues that impact customers, like poor broadband in rural areas, and how Ofcom regulation affects competition. With broadband increasingly being recognised as an essential utility, Holly is committed to informing people about how they can get the best possible deal, and building the best comparison service to make it easy for them.

Holly has also commented on… how COVID-19 has increased demand for faster broadband packages (including the rollout of fibre broadband this year); what the planned O2-Virgin Media merger will mean for customers and broadband provision across the UK.

Holly Cox (nee Niblett) commenting on...

Ofcom full fibre ramp up - March 2021

“An upgrade to the UK’s broadband infrastructure is needed now more than ever, with demand for fibre broadband and faster download speeds rising enormously in the past year. Our research shows that more than a third (38%) of households have more people needing the internet during working hours than before the pandemic, which is putting pressure on broadband speeds and has caused internet connectivity problems for one in two (48%) households. With an upgraded full-fibre network, connectivity issues will be a thing of the past. It will also hopefully help create more competition in a market that is dominated by just a few players.”

Sky price increase: Broadband and TV - February 2021

“Sky customers could feel this price increase is a reason to give it up, and not just for lent. It is the latest provider to sting customers with an unwelcome price rise for TV and broadband. Households who are impacted have until April to act- they don’t need to swallow the cost. Those on a fixed deal can exit their contract early without a charge once they have been notified of the increase.”

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