Josh Daniels

Travel insurance expert

Josh is an expert on protecting yourself while on holiday with the right travel insurance. We all go on holiday for different reasons. Some like to fly and flop, while others like to climb mountains, surf and ski. Josh knows how fun that can all be, but, with more than seven years in the insurance industry, he also knows how to cover you and your belongings while away.

Josh has also commented on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on travel and travel insurance.

Josh Daniels commenting on...

Travel Insurance

“While it can be tempting to go for the cheapest policy to cut your travel costs, you need to look at what levels of protection the policy offers. Cheaper plans may have lower levels of cover and you may be expected to pay more towards a claim too. Think about the cover you want, then look at the best price travel insurance based on your needs.”

Family travel insurance

“Family travel insurance can offer better value for money as it’s often cheaper than taking out individual policies. But if you have just one child, then joint travel insurance for you and your partner, and a single policy for your child could be cheaper. Compare to see which offers best value for money.

The important thing is that you’re all protected. Travel cover is vital if you’re travelling abroad – especially when you’re holidaying with active kids.”

Backpackers Insurance

"Don’t risk ruining the adventure of a lifetime. Whether you’re heading out to travel the world on your gap year or taking an extended trip, make sure you’re covered with backpacker insurance.”

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