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Laura Dempster

Finances expert

Laura Dempster is a freelance writer and blogger specialising in personal finance. Laura is the founder of Thrifty Londoner, a personal finance website where she uses her extensive knowledge to provide ideas and techniques on how to manage your money.

She is passionate about finance and believes that anyone can get to a point of financial wellbeing.

Laura’s knowledge of personal finance has enabled her to comment for publications such as Time Out London, iPaper and Huff Post, as well as appearing on BBC1 and BBC Radio5.

Laura's articles

What you need to know about moving in together and money

It might not sound very sexy, but it’s crucial that you fully understand where you stand legally and financially before you move in with a romantic partner. And it’s especially important that you know what will happen if the relationship ends.

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Everything you need to know about getting the best value for beauty “tweakments”

Despite the pandemic and the health risks associated with COVID-19, it seems that many of us still have other health concerns on our minds - our appearance.

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