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Lynn Beattie

Finances expert

Lynn Beattie (previously James) is a personal finance expert and founder of Mrs Mummypenny. Her background is a CIMA management accountant of 17 years with a breadth of experience working in commercial finance for Tesco, EE & HSBC.

She is a single mum to three boys, living in Hertfordshire.

She left the corporate world in 2015 to run Mrs Mummypenny full-time.

Lynn features regularly in the media including The Financial Times, The Sun, iWeekend, ITV and BBC TV/Radio. She presents a weekly Podcast/YouTube show, Mrs Mummypenny Talks. Lynn is the author of ‘The Money Guide to Transform Your Life’ published 1st Sept 2020.

Lynn's articles

Travel insurance for every type of family

Many of us are looking forward to a holiday away with our family. But today’s families come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure yours has travel insurance to match.

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How to get a fair deal for everyone if you are facing divorce

This is a tough conversation but it’s a fact of real life – relationships end. If yours does, whether you’re married or not, you’ll need to agree on how to split your money, property and other assets.

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