Sofia Hutson

Associate Director of Product Management at Compare the Market

Utilities and digital expert

Sofia is super passionate about product management and ensuring we can create the best experience for customers, solving their problems and making financial decisions a breeze.

While energy product manager at Comparethemarket, she often spoke in the media about the cost of energy, the state of the market and ways to save on your energy bills.

Sofia’s background in the industry

“Previously specialising as an energy product manager, I’ve since spent several years at Comparethemarket heading up a multi-specialist product team looking after motor, home, energy, travel, pet, life and digital products. Now, I lead on strategy development  for energy and digital products, life and business insurance, as well as mortgages and other money products.

Sofia’s goal as Associate Director at Compare the Market

“My goal is to make sure that we have the right products and a great customer experience. I want to help people save more money and make choosing the right product as easy as possible. That way they can get spend time on what really matters!”

Sofia Hutson commenting on...

The benefits of using energy saving light bulbs

“Traditional light bulbs, known as halogen bulbs, work by passing an electric current through a metal filament. When the metal gets hot enough, it produces light. However, a lot of the electricity used to light the bulb is lost as heat.

“Although they cost more to buy initially, energy saving light bulbs can use up to 80 per cent less electricity than a traditional bulb, which could result in savings on your energy bills. Typically, they also last far longer than standard halogen bulbs, so you shouldn't have to replace them as often.”