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It’s not hard to get the best value out of your smartphone. Most of us work them pretty hard – social media, watching TV, downloading music and online shopping. 

But getting good value out of your mobile phone contract can be quite another matter. How much data do you need, and is unlimited data really a good thing?

Holly Niblett From the Digital team
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Who offers unlimited data?

There are currently only four networks that offer unlimited data:

  • Three
  • GiffGaff
  • Lycamobile  
  • Virgin mobile
Who offers unlimited data?

What are the disadvantages of an unlimited data deal?

You’ll be pleased to know that most of the time unlimited data means exactly that. But you should be aware of any terms and conditions your provider may have in place, such as:

  • fair usage policies  
  • tethering caps or allowance
  • roaming data caps (outside the EU)
  • speed caps

Your contract should clearly stipulate if they have a fair usage policy and what it is. If you’ve got any doubts about how much you should be using, then contact your provider.

Are unlimited data deals good value for money?

That depends. If you use lots of data then an unlimited data deal will offer you the best value for money. 

It means you won’t end up exceeding your allowance, and in turn won’t be billed for any additional charges.

But if you don’t use a lot of data or are in between medium and heavy usage, it might not always be the best choice of phone deal because you could be paying for a lot more than you use.

Are unlimited data deals good value for money?

How much data do I actually need? 

You use data every time you access the internet on your mobile; even just going on Facebook uses data. 

The average UK customer uses about 2GB of data a month – this would let you do one of the below:

Activity 2GB equals
Internet browsing 6,000 pages
Songs listened to 320
Emails sending 20,000
WhatsApp messages 2.5m
Upload photos 8,000
YouTube viewing 620 mins/10.3 hrs

Where can I compare unlimited data deals?

Whatever your data needs and budget, let us do the searching for you. Simply use our comparison service and find a deal in minutes.

Where can I compare unlimited data deals?

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