In the UK, we love weather. We love it so much we can’t stop talking about it, but it’s really a love/hate relationship – there’s too much rain, not enough rain, it’s too cold, now it’s too hot – poor old weather just can’t win. And the recent heatwave means it’s not just ice-creams, patience and tempers that can melt – your smartphone is at risk of reaching boiling point too.

As most of us who have had conversations on our mobiles for more than 20 minutes will know, phones get hot pretty quickly. But then, what do we expect when you put a whole lot of clever techy bits and bobs together in close proximity, encase it in plastic and then make it work really hard all day?

So, if you feel like your phone’s been on a go slow in the recent hot weather – then you’re probably right. Apple iPhones and Samsung handsets work best between 0° and 35° but if they – (or any sort of electronic equipment) exceed the parameters of ‘ambient temperature’ then – just like us – they run the risk of overheating and slowing down.

But your smartphone isn’t slacking in some sort of heat protest, it’s actually trying to keep itself cool. Slowing down its processors reduces the energy used, which in turn keeps temperatures down – most modern phones will be programmed to do this in order to stop it overheating – smartphone indeed.

As frustrating as it can be, especially if you’re the sort that likes to do a million and one things simultaneously – it’s actually for your (and your phone’s) benefit; because we all know what can happen if your phone overheats.

So, don’t be alarmed if your otherwise super-fast smartphone looks like it’s napping on the job when it gets hot, chances are it’s just doing exactly what the manufacturer told it to do; but here’s how you can keep it working hard and keeping cool:

  • Close any apps you don’t need, especially ones that are heavy on the old processors such as sat-navs or games
  • Try not to leave your phone directly in the heat, keep it somewhere shady
  • If you can, remove extra casing to prevent heat from building up
  • If it’s really, really hot turn off your phone or electrical equipment when not in use

Of course, you might like to pretend that your phone slowing down has nothing to do with the heat and use it as an excuse to treat yourself to a brand new handset. In which case, choose between PAYG, SIM only or contract phones and make sure you find the right tariff for you. And luckily, we can save you from over exerting yourself and boiling over, because you could find the right mobile phone package for you in one place – right here at


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