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Hold on to your hats, phone fans because Apple launched not one but three shiny new iPhones last night – the 8, the 8 Plus and the much talked about and rumoured iPhone X (pronounced ‘ten’). If you don’t think it’s a big deal, then you’d be wrong, because according to Apple, their launch is a case of one big step for the iPhone and one giant leap for the mobile phone industry.

Introduction of the iPhone X

So, the all-important facts: the long-awaited iPhone X will be made entirely of glass (super strength and reinforced naturally – because it would be a disaster otherwise). There’s no home button; it can be charged wirelessly using the Qi system; and it uses facial recognition technology (FaceID) to unlock – it’s clearly an iPhone, but not as we know it. 

Charging the iPhone X wirelessly

Using its 3D front loaded camera, the iPhone X will learn what its user looks like and only unlock it for them; but you’ll have to stay still and look into the camera’s lens because it won’t unlock by a mere fleeting glance. Apple say the technology is so precise, there’s literally a one in a million chance of someone making away with your new phone and unlocking it with a face that isn’t yours.

With its new-fangled FaceID, the iPhone X, also comes with animoji (no, it’s not a typo) it’s an emoji that can be customised to reflect the user’s facial expressions. But the tech isn’t just about bringing emojis to life, you’ll also be able to use it to authenticate Apple Pay transactions – smartphone indeed.

Animoji on iPhone X

It goes without saying that the iPhone X was the star of the show, but let’s not forget the other two models in the iPhone family that were introduced – the 8 and the 8 Plus. These look more like the iPhones we’ve come to know and love and whilst there’s no difference in screen size, they’re also made entirely of glass. They also charge wirelessly.

So, if you fancy yourself a new iPhone, then you can pre-order the 8 and 8 Plus from, from September 15th, with shipment on the 22nd. The iPhone X can be pre-ordered from October 27th with shipment on November 3rd. 

Of course, there’s the not so small question of price – the 8 and 8 Plus will set you back £699 and £799 respectively, and the iPhone X – well, start saving now, because that’ll hit the shops with an eye-watering £999 price tag.

Introduction of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
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Peter Earl

Head of Utilities

“Consumers keen to get their hands on the latest iPhone should be aware that there are more options than simply taking a new monthly contract when they buy the phone. In fact, based on our analysis of the iPhone 7, the least cost-effective way is often to take a ‘free’ handset on a 24 month contract.

“Those able to buy the handset outright also stand to benefit from very attractive SIM only deals, a space where providers are becoming increasingly competitive. Someone who bought the iPhone 7 handset and, separately, a competitive contract offering 2GB data, unlimited texts and 1000 minutes over a 2 year period could have saved almost £100 over that time. Those willing to wait and purchase a ‘refurbished’ model could have paid up to £266 less than those who took a new model for “free” alongside a two-year contract.

“Of course not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to pay such large sums up-front. Consumers could consider using a credit card with an interest free period on purchases to buy the handset and then clear the balance before the offer period expires to benefit from the savings. This might be a more savvy option, rather than taking out a short payday loan or adding the cost to a higher interest card. People who want an iPhone but who are not desperate to have the new iPhone should bear in mind the price of the iPhone 7 is likely to drop significantly after the new model becomes available, making having one much more affordable.”

So if you’re not sure about the new iPhone but you still fancy an upgrade, then why not treat yourself and visit for a great new mobile phone.

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