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It's time to compare

An alternative to phone contracts

If you're tired of being tied to a phone contract you might be thinking about what other options are out there. Well don't worry, you have plenty, including pay as you go...

What is Pay as you Go?

Pay as you go is pretty simple. There are no monthly fees, you just top up your phone credit when you need to. You can do this online, by phone, in the shops with a top up card or even by text. Just choose a provider and find a deal – there are plenty of pay as you go mobile phone tariffs to consider and compare.

Who's it for? 

Pay as you go is usually chosen by light mobile phone users who want to pay for what they use and wouldn’t really benefit from the 'free' calls and texts that a contract gives you. Pay as you go is also useful if you are unable to get a phone contract because of your credit history.

What are the benefits?

If you compare pay as you go to a contract, it has many benefits. Having no contract means you're free to change your provider and deal whenever you want so you can shop around whenever you find a better deal. It can sometimes be cheaper to use pay as you go than a contract, depending how much you use your phone, and means you have more flexibility.

There are lots of cheap mobile phone tariffs to choose from, so it’s worth comparing often. If you compare pay as you go tariffs regularly you can easily change to a better deal. Just check you phone is unlocked to be able to accept different SIM cards.

Another bonus is that there’s no surprise bills to worry about – you only pay for what you use. There's nothing worse than getting a huge phone bill just because you've sent some pictures or gone over your allowed data.

Pay as you go is also an option for teenagers – it gives them the opportunity to be responsible for their own 'phone budgeting' and build some good habits. They can even buy the SIM themselves, unlike with phone contracts which they can't take out until they are 18 years old.

Things to consider about pay as you go

You need to have a phone for a start! And if you do, you need to make sure it will accept a pay as you go SIM cards – so you may need to do some research.

If you're using an old contract phone you might need to pay to have it unlocked.

If you don't have a phone and are planning to buy one, they can sometimes be expensive to buy up front. That doesn't mean you won’t save money in the long run compared to taking out a contract phone, but it is definitely something to consider.

Another important thing to remember is that once your credit’s gone you can't make any calls or texts. So if you get stuck away from home with no means to top up, short of calling the police (emergency calls are still accepted) you could get stuck.

Compare and you could save

If pay as you go sounds like a good idea to you, then take a look at the offers available.

Let us help by showing you the phones by cheapest mobile phone tariffs available. Just because you don't want a contract doesn't mean you shouldn't get a great deal.

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