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What are SIM free mobile phones all about?

Why would you want a SIM free mobile phone? Wouldn't you be crazy to stump up money for a mobile phone when the mobile networks will sometimes give you one for free? Well, it would be nice if they were free, but sadly they're not. The networks need to recoup their gift by committing us to lengthy contracts which can be quite expensive.

So where do SIM free mobile phones come in?

SIM free means you buy the phone of your choice without a SIM card in the package, so there’s no contract or commitment to a specific network. SIM free handset come unlocked, so you can decide which SIM card to use in them. Most contract and pay as you go SIMs will work in SIM free handsets.

Free to compare

As you probably know, smartphones can be expensive. They can cost hundreds of pounds, so why fork out? Well, it gives you choice. If you're not tied into a contract you have the freedom of how you pay for your service and who you pay. Having the option of 'pay as you go' or 'SIM only' will mean that your monthly payments could be cheaper than with a phone contract. You can pick up SIM only deals for less than £10 a month – compare that with a two-year phone contract for £45 a month. Even the most expensive SIM free phone on the market might save you money with a SIM only deal.

Free to swap

If you’re addicted to smartphone gadgetry you probably find it frustrating when you want the latest release, but you're only half way through your contract. With SIM free mobiles phones you can buy yourself a new one whenever you feel like it with no buy out fee or remaining contract payments. You can even sell, recycle or trade in your old one to recoup some cash.

Freedom even in your contract

If you break or lose your phone whilst still in your contract you could buy a cheap mobile phone SIM free and put your contract SIM in it. It might save you a replacement fee if you’re not insured and there are plenty of unlocked SIM free mobile phones out there to compare. So it shouldn't be a problem to find a deal that’s right for you. You can then bide your time until the end of your contract, and decide your next move then.

Free to have a phone

If you've had difficulty with credit in the past, you may have trouble getting a phone contract. But this doesn't mean you can't have a mobile. You could choose one of the cheap SIM free mobile phones and use a pay as you go SIM until you’ve improved your credit score enough to be considered for a contract.

Whatever the reason, if you’re interested in owning your phone outright and not being tied to a network, there are plenty of phones to choose from. In fact, most phones are available SIM free. Start comparing today to find the right deal for you.

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