A blast from the past

Remember when mobile phone batteries lasted for weeks, screens didn’t break when you dropped them and the phones were actually used for speaking to people? If you do, then you’ll probably remember the Nokia 3310 – it was ground breaking in an early noughties low-tech way with its internal aerial, changeable front and back covers and it even came with the popular pre-installed game – snake. And now…drumroll please…it’s back! To the delight of many people fed up with battery life, fiddly touch screens and those who want a phone to just be a phone.

The quirky traits

The Nokia 3310 is pretty basic by today’s standards – it’s a phone and it only does what it says on the tin – which is at the crux of its appeal. Naturally, it’s been upgraded and now includes a camera (albeit only 2 megapixel resolution which is limited by today’s modern 12MP phones and only just selfie-worthy) but ultimately you can simply call and text people with it, play music and run some apps and games .

Smartphones rely on at least 3G technology so that you can access the internet on the go. But the Nokia 3310 will only have 2.5G connectivity meaning that you’ll be able to do marginally more things than the original 3310.

But it’s not just that fact that it offers an antidote to our modern obsession of being permanently connected to the latest tech, the 3310 also doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s fun, cute and quirky – it looks a bit like a three-year-old’s toy phone with its podgy raised buttons, chunky body and rounded edges.

How does it look?

The new 3310 is also available in navy, red and yellow which is altogether happier and more enjoyable than the grown-up rose-gold, silver and black of many smartphones. Although if you do prefer a more minimalist colour palette – don’t worry because it’s also available in grey .

Size wise, it’s neat – measuring 115.6mm x 51mm x 12.8mm and weighs in at just 79.6g (the iPhone 6 is 143g whilst the smaller iPhone SE weighs 113g ). Its compact design and price tag (just €49, which converts to about £42) means it’s the ideal holiday or festival companion (although the lower resolution camera might mean you end up packing an actual camera for lasting snaps). The 3310’s biggest selling point might be that is also has stamina, with 22 whole hours’ worth of talk-time and a whopping one month standby time. Pretty impressive compared to todays’ 12 hour battery life on an iPhone 7 .

'The Unbreakable'  Nokia 3310 is back

Nokia's legacy

In its heyday, Nokia was a big name in the world of mobile handsets and more than 126 million units of the original 3310 have been sold since it first came out in September 2000. But since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 and the smartphone revolution, Nokia quietly disappeared into the wings of the whole consumer mobile phone arena.

In fact, Nokia as a company doesn’t exist anymore and the new 3310 is instead being made by another Finnish company – HMD Global. The classic 3310 though is the stuff of legend in its native Finland – dubbed ‘the unbreakable’ it had a cockroach’s reputation for toughness and survival no matter what you threw at it (literally).

The new 3310 hasn’t quite hit the shops yet and it’s predicted you won’t be able to buy one until the end of March or the beginning of April . So, if you can’t be doing with waiting for a new phone to launch then why not see what you can get your hands on right now? From a SIM only, contract or PAYG, we’ll show you lots to choose from. And if you can’t decide between a humble billy basic or fancy pants handset then let us guide you in choosing the right one So, come on – let’s get started and comparethemarket.com