Neighbourhood Bills Calculator

Are you paying more than your neighbours? See how much you could be paying for broadband, energy & home insurance in your area - get your bills sorted in just 30 seconds!

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Please round your answer down to the nearest whole year. If you have lived in your home for 11 months, the answer should be 0.
This includes any rooms excluding kitchens, utility rooms or conservatories.
Our calculator is a free, quick and easy way to see the estimated average prices of household bills for homes similar to yours in your area.
Get started by simply entering your postcode, followed by a few more details about your home to make your results more accurate.​
Using our own quote data and other third party data, we are able to show indicative Broadband, Energy & Home insurance costs for homes similar to yours in your area.​
After you have sense checked how much you could be saving, start a quote to find great deals in your area.​

Meerkat Your Bills

Take control of your finances by simply linking all your bank & credit card accounts under the ‘Your Bills’ section of the Meerkat app, so you can:

  • See all your accounts in one place – no need to log in to different banking apps.
  • View regular payments and bills.
  • Have all your regular bills split into categories, from breakdown cover to entertainment, so you can see the types of things you spend your money on.
  • See whether your bills have increased since the last payment, so you can spot savings opportunities.
  • Compare providers with us to see if you can save – from car insurance to energy to broadband.
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How can I save on my broadband?

Under rules introduced in February 2020, your provider now has to tell you when your broadband contract is coming to an end and show you the best deals available. That’s to help you avoid being hit with a so-called ‘loyalty penalty’ where you pay significantly more for your broadband than new customers. And it’s well worth shopping around with other providers to see if you can save. Think about speed, contract length and freebies. And don’t forget bundled phone and TV packages when you’re looking for the right deal for you. 

Compare broadband

How can I compare cheap gas and electricity?

Doing something as simple as switching energy providers could make a big dent in your energy bills. Whether you’re looking for a dual fuel tariff, a green deal or separate gas and electricity tariffs, all you need to do is give us a few details and we’ll show you a range of deals.

And if you set up energy savings alerts with AutoSergei, he’ll search the market for you and let you know when you can save.

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How can I save on my home contents insurance?

Contents insurance is a must if you want financial protection for the possessions inside your home. But why pay more than you need to? From increasing your excess to boosting security, there are lots of ways to cut the cost of your contents insurance. But the most effective way might be to shop around and compare when it’s time to renew your policy – you might find a deal that offers you the same level of cover at a better price.

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