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For many of us, the first time the pennies hit the piggy bank is when we get serious about money – and it’s the start of a life-long journey. Whether it’s earning, saving or spending, money takes many forms and our hub can help you with a range of financial matters, from opening a new account to ensuring your savings are kept safe. 

Credit cards hub

There are many things to consider about credit cards. See our credit cards hub to get the lowdown on APR, zero rate interest, balance transfers and plenty more.

Basic bank account

The vast majority of the country is now eligible for a basic bank account. Read our guide to find the lowdown on these types of account and how to apply for them. 

The new £10 note

As part of its efforts to stay one step ahead of the counterfeiters, the Bank of England has replaced the ‘old’ £10 note with a shiny new version. You’ll have until 1 March 2018 to use the old note. The new tenner is longer lasting, more environmentally friendly and harder to forge than its replacement. 
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new ten pound note

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