It’s been two years since we published your hopes and concerns for the next Government, at the time of the General Election in 2015. Since then, things has completely shifted; Britain has voted to leave the EU, we have a new Prime Minister and new opposition leadership.

We now all face a snap General Election, and one in which fairness, the cost of living and financial security are all key issues. How you feel about each political party and how aligned you think they are with your personal finance priorities, could be crucial in determining which way you vote on the 8 June. All parties need to recognise the effort they need to make in order to persuade you, the British people, that they can be trusted to deliver policies which will make a financial difference to the millions of households struggling to make ends meet.

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In this report, we asked you about your financial situation now versus your situation in June 2015; whether you feel better or worse off, who you hold responsible for changes to your financial wellbeing, which political party – and party leader - you trust to improve your situation, and the concerns you have as the UK prepares to withdraw from the European Union.

The results indicate that, as a nation, we have a strong feeling of disillusionment and mistrust – towards the Government, its policies, and the ability of political parties and politicians to genuinely understand and positively influence the finances of everyday people – something you attribute to political failure.

The key findings of our study of 6,000 UK adults show that your top three personal finance priorities for the next Government are: 

  • A freeze in energy price hikes (22%)
  • An increase in the personal tax allowance (18%)
  • More state aid in meeting elderly care costs (14%)

So, what are you telling us?

There’s a deep sense of disillusionment towards the Government. You fundamentally don’t appear to trust that politicians understand, or have the ability to protect or improve, your financial situation. Despite a year of historically low interest rates, inflation and fuel prices, you feel poorer than you did before the last General Election. The blame, it would seem, sits squarely at the door of Downing Street and you simply don’t trust the current Government to deliver on your financial promises. Let’s hope the next Government fills you with greater confidence and hope for your personal finances in the future.

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